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Food for thought–Nostalgia!

Food – one of the basic necessities of life.
Food – a child’s delight.
Food – a 75 year old’s craze.
Food – the way to a man’s heart.
Food – just FOOD!!!!


What is it that first comes to your mind when you hear this word? Is it the aroma of wada pav or is it the sight of delicious pav bhaji?

Most of you might have already started thinking what you would have for your meal tonight! 😉

Nowadays, we are provided with a variety of options for food. People don’t even think twice before spending on food.

The craze created by McDonalds, Pizza huts, Subways, Cafes & the latest CAFÉ CHOCOLADE, have created is just beyond the limit. But there is one thing to admit here, that the food served there is just scrumptious. ummm….yummy….feeling like having an ALOO TIKKI right now! 😉

All of you might be wondering why discus FOOD all of a sudden.
Well, we Indians are big time foodies. We love food like anything. We spend a lot on food, then be it for having snacks or for the menu of marriages. Marriage se yaad aaya, a few days back, a page on FB was suggested to me by one of my friends, named GATECRASHER’S .INC. The profile picture of that page was very alluring – it had a bridegroom with question marks on their faces and below it was written…..WHO CARES!! 😀

So for these crazy people and also for all you food lovers out there, here comes a full fledged column with all that you expect about food (Including some interesting recipes too ;))




| Till soon…ANTICIPATE!

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