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Book Review #5: Keeping The Promises

Keeping The Promises

Author: Dhruv Gajjar
Pages: 212
Publisher: Write India
Cover image- Sunill Kaushik

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4/5
Title : 5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4.5/5

  • Characters (Leads):
  1. Nirali- The narrator
  2. Dhruv- The main lead
  3. M- Dhruv’s girlfriend
  4. Anshul (Ansh)- Dhruv’s best friend
  5. Angel (Angie)- Ansh’s girlfriend and M’s best friend
  • Blurb:

WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world. Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart. But when they are woven into promises and hopes, they give rise to something that lasts forever. They change lives.

I had almost lost myself, when she brought me back to life – with her promises. She was dying with a dreadful tumour, but she had the authority to pull those last strings that brought me back to her. She was gradually dying, and every night before going to sleep – she would take a portion of my heart, my soul and my words. She would take a promise from me every night that made me who I’m today. She gave me a new life.

One of those promises was to compile this novel that took me to an eventful journey in which I discovered several people, like me, who too were keeping her promises.

What were those amusing, surprising and horrendous promises that they all kept?

Who else other than I were bound to her promises?

Would she be able to redefine love and sacrifice with her plans?

Can grief completely redefine who you are? Can a broken heart be healed?

Can you fall in love with the same person all over again?

Can you live and die, both at the same time?

Be a part of my story, about a girl, who – through her promises, changed the lives of the people she loved, including mine.

This is my journey. This is the window of my past, and the view to my future. It is yours now!

  • Review-

Thanks Dhruv for sending me a signed review copy of your book, I’m glad to have read it.

The title “Keeping the promises” does full justice with the story. It is story of Dhruv, an irresponsible gym freak, and an immensely committed friend to his friends and a boyfriend to M. It is a story of Ansh and Angie, who fall in love at first sight, almost tear apart but get along in the end. And it is a story of Nirali, who was Dhruv’s first love, whose first love was Dhruv.

M is suffering from Neurofibrosarcoma and doesn’t want Dhruv to know about it. She demands for a breakup and Dhruv, taking it to her betrayal, falls prey to alcohol, marijuana, weeds and also stops gymming. But as Dhruv gets to know about her condition after a span of seven months, she doesn’t have much time left. But he has full determination to spend his entire time in her company during her last days. She shifts to her place, to her room, and her parents too allow him, which is a very big thing for a girl’s parents to do.

Every morning he wakes her up with her favorite flower orchids along with a beautifully written note, cooks omelets for her, writes a part of his past life story for her while she is fast asleep during the afternoon, and as they are done with soups for dinner which are again cooked by Dhruv, he narrates to her the story he had written that very afternoon. And finally, before going to sleep, she takes one promise from him.

The entire routine continues for 2 weeks after which M leaves the world for heavenly abode, compelling Dhruv to fulfill those promises he had made to her for the past 2 weeks, one of which was writing this book. These promises change the course of his life. But its not only Dhruv who was bound to her promises, many others were, and you’ll get to know it as you read the book.

  • Appreciations:

The best thing about the book is its narration style. It hasn’t been adopted anytime and the readers will clearly like it. The characters have been woven really well and full justice has been done to everyone’s part in the story. The love between everyone has been portrayed very poignantly. Its beautiful how someone can love and be loved so much. Feelings have been defined very well. The mystery about Nirali has been maintained throughout, which is really commendable.

  • Let-downs:

There are only a few descriptors used for expressions which sometimes makes the narration restrictive. Details about some characters like Aakash, Harsh, Shilpan (Dhruv’s college friends) is very minimal which may leave the reader empty handed in understanding them. Editing could have been improved and grammar too.

  • Verdict:

A must for everyone who believes in the power of love and friendship. <style><!– .hreview{display:none} –></style> <div><span><span>Keeping the promises</span> </span><span>Madhuri Varma<span> </span>Rating:<span>4.5</span></span></div>

  • Available at:
  1. Amazon
  2. Infibeam

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