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A small salute to Lata Ji

As usual she was listening to old songs. She was busy typing a post. “Sawar re” an old marathi melody of LATA ji. Her friends were irritated by this habit of hers. They started arguing with her to change the song. She smiled and agreed. They too smiled as they thought they won the argument. But there were different things running in her mind- “What should I do? If these idiots don’t know the purity in Lata ji’s voice. Its like the fragrance of the purest form of a perfume, a single drop of which can make a room’s atmosphere pure. Its like Kesar, when you drop a pinch of it in the milk it mixes with it so well, enriching its taste. Its like the first rain which calms down the thirsty earth which is irritated by the heat. Its like the only tree on the highway where people stop to take rest. That voice has so much strength in it. It makes you think that what has she suffered through or what that writer has suffered through that he/she wrote such touching lyrics. That sounds like those grenades in her voice. In how much ever pain you are, again and again you fall for that voice. Some songs were created decades before my birth but still they have the capacity to calm me down in this running world. They make me stop for a while in this running world. How attractive they are! How intense they are! You go to another world while listening to them. You enjoy being in that situation. Time flows by, the song repeats itself in numerous times but its effect, it only increases every time. An artist, be a painter, a writer, an actor, or director. It encourages all creative minds to do well, to find new ways in their respective carriers.
“She smiled again, wrote these thoughts and posted it on her blog…”

A small tribute to Lataji, from thousands of young hearts who listen to old songs which are sung by her decades before our birth. They always have ruled hearts and they always will. A small post from youth in my words…and in my errors

Written by- Poorvika Mehra

Poorvika Mehra is a 12th std Commerce student. She mostly writes about teenagers. Contact her-




I am a Computer Engineer working with a prominent firm. Writing is my passion and likewise I love reading novels and reviewing them. Want to get your novel reviewed? Feel free to contact me at or on Follow on FB- Happy reading! Keep smiling! ;)

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