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Book Review #7: About Matter of the Hurt


Author: Sourabh Mukherjee
Pages: 90
Publisher: Partridge Publishing

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 3/5
Characters : 3/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Blurb:

About Matters of the Hurt: Love Stories – Round the Clock is a brisk read with lasting impact – a collection of four contemporary romantic short stories, aligned in settings and mood with the four parts of the day. The collection paints love in its various hues that make it the only emotion worth dying for. A slice of life in true sense, the book takes us on a soulful journey as we relive loves lost or found or nurtured unprofessed in the deepest recesses of our hearts.

  • Review-

Thanks Sourabh for sending out your book for me to review.

“About matters of the hurt” is a collection of four stories, and each one is aligned during a particular part of the day. The stories revolve around love, how pure the feeling is when you love a person even without knowing their name, even after their heavenly abode, even when you have parted ways with them only to meet them later and realize how perfect it was, and also how love can take a negative toll on the relationship because of doubts and possessiveness.

About each story:

1. The Afternoon Story: Nargis and her journey through my summers.
The story is about a protagonist who loves a girl residing in his neighborhood. Through the window of his house, he watches her everyday getting down from her school bus in the afternoon only wishing for her to turn around once to look at him and know how much he loves her. He draws her sketches with her faint images in his mind. This goes on for years and one day he sees her in bridal attire, ready to start her new life at her in-laws. The pious feelings of love have been described very well.

2. The Evening Story: When I held her in my arms…again.
The story succeeds in portraying how one can never fall out of love for that one person, who makes one go weak in the knees even after so many years of companionship.

3. The Night Story: The Wounded.
The story revolves around how the protagonist is hurt by various women, his step-mother, his boss, and later his wife, making him feel like an object of pleasure. The feeling of betrayal takes a heavy toll on him leading to a course of negative events.

4. The Morning Story: Love came calling again.
The story portrays how love is meant to last for a lifetime, and how the universe has its own way of making people meet and stay together for a lifetime to come.

  • Appreciations:

The idea of narrating one story for each part of the day was novel. And the stories do full justice to the purpose for which they have been named like that. Perfect grammar, use of metaphor, minimum characters and a smooth flow make the book a good read.

  • Let-downs:

Surprisingly there is nothing I could find to criticize about the book. Good work Sourabh. 🙂

  • Verdict:

Recommended to the lovers of short stories. A good read. (3/5)

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