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Book Review #8: Walking In The Streets Of Love & Destiny


Author: Purba Chakraborty
Pages: 191
Publisher: Diamond books

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 3/5
Theme : 2.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Characters (Leads):
  1. Prachi- The narrator
  2. Arvind- Prachi’s childhood friend and boyfriend
  3. Sahil- Prachi’s colleague
  • Blurb:

For a girl, who is more important?
The guy who taught her to love or the guy who taught her to dream?
The guy who considers her his life or the guy who gave her a new life?
The person with whom she has spent almost two decades of her life or the person who understands her more than anyone else within a short span of less than a year?
Life-partner or soul-mate?
In today’s modern world, Prachi is too lucky to get love in the two purest forms- Arvind, her childhood sweetheart and Sahil, her magician. Both loved her beyond boundaries and sacrificed their every happiness just to see her smiling but should love be always in limits? Does Prachi’s life really become both beautiful and ugly when destiny brings two jewels in her life?
Yes, love in excess is indeed a curse!
This is a story of Arvind, Prachi and Sahil and how love and destiny shuffles their paths…do they meet in the streets of love and destiny or their paths get separated forever?

  • Review-

Thanks Purba for sending out your book for me to review.

The story is about Prachi’s life. The narration starts from Prachi’s childhood days when she first meets Arvind and they become best friends over time. During their teenage, they fall in love with each other and later Arvind has to leave the town for his job. In the mean time, Sahil joins Prachi’s office as his colleague. She hates him at first but gradually starts liking him. The story then revolves around how destiny plays its cards and changes Prachi’s life.

  • Appreciations:

The dilemma of love in a girl’s life has been handled very well. Purba has done a great job by maintaining the pace throughout and the plot moves on very smoothly. The second half of the book is much better in description than the first half.

  • Let-downs:

The book looked like a personal diary and at a point it was cheesy with the nicknames and descriptions. Lots of grammatical errors were a pure let down. Descriptions could have been improved.

  • Verdict:

Not surely recommended, but a good read. (3/5)

  • Available at:
  1. Amazon
  2. Infibeam

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