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Book Review #10: Maaya


Author: Minal Arora
Pages: 216
Publisher: Ocean Books
Cover image: Sonia Singh, Shilpi Singh

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 3.5/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Characters (Leads): Maaya- The narrator
  • Blurb:

‘Maaya – A tryst with self’, is the story of a woman, Maaya, who, through her love for a man, Rahul, took on an incredible journey within, where she understood & experienced love in its purest, truest form. When Maaya first met Rahul, he touched a part of her soul that she had suppressed long ago in order to become the perfect girl for the love of her life, Kunal, whom she was engaged to. As Rahul and Maaya realised their feelings for each other, they also realised the futility of it all. A few days of togetherness was all they enjoyed before they accepted that they weren’t meant to be. Maaya gracefully let go of him to marry Kunal and have her happily ever after. Little did she expect that he would show up again in her life, at a point where she had separated from Kunal after 6 years of marriage, and her pursuit for his love would lead her to see love in a light she had never seen it in before. She never knew her inner journey was awaiting to be unleashed. She goes through ecstasy, joy, grief, failure, misery & sadness due to the love she longs to have in her life. On the road she travels to reunite with her twin-soul, unexpectedly leads her to becoming a spiritual healer, the experience of which, opened her up to an infinite horizon where she not only found love, but found herself.

Maaya is the essence of human experience through a woman, beyond time, which began with her loving someone so intensely that she dissolved in whom she loved & then finding herself through what followed. The book carries deep revelations about soul mate & twin-soul relationships including how they have been a source to spiritual upliftment for both the twins and how they can prove instrumental in transcending the limitations of each other.

  • Review-

“Maaya” is a journey of a woman named Maaya, her relationships and how she is spiritually guided, always. She falls in love with Rahul even when she is engaged to Kunal. Her 6 year old marriage with Kunal ends up in a divorce. In the course of time, she undergoes workshops on Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. She meets of lot of people who help her during her journey. She becomes a spiritual healer and helps healing her clients during weekends. In this journey, she herself finds answers to many of her queries. She also does a final workshop on Serenity Surrender which helps her as well as her clients to surrender to the divine and trust their spiritual guide to show them path.

  • Appreciations:

Minal has managed to explain a lot of twisted and complex concepts about sprituality, love, soulmates and many others very easily in such a simple language that even a novice would understand. The incidents have been timed very well.

  • Let-downs:

The narration style could have been improved. The story makes a lot of jumps between past and present, which sometimes becomes confusing to understand. Also at some points the story was hushed a lot as if written in a hurry to complete it. Also the end was a bit abrupt.

  • Verdict:

A recommended book. It’ll surely answer many of your questions regarding life and you’re definitely in for a surprise. (3.5/5)
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