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Book Review #37: And He Wanted Me Dead!


Author: Jasper
Pages: 166
Publisher: Notion Press
Cover design: Jazer

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 2.5/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Characters-
  1. Inspector Raj- The protagonist
  2. Bobby Patel- The lead
  • Blurb:

And He Wanted Me Dead….is an intriguing crime and suspense thriller, wherein inspector Raj is an honest, hardened and hardworking cop. His dedication toward his profession and duty is outstanding….his career record unblemished….until now!
His entire reputation is at stake when he is called in to investigate an accident. What looks like a road accident….is it really a mere accident or is there something more ghastly to it? The more the inspector digs deeper to unravel the truth, the more flummoxed he becomes. Even though his investigation is impeccable yet his frustrations rise sky high as it heads nowhere but straight into dead ends every time he thinks he has a solid lead. His personal life is already in shambles and now his professional life is also crumbling right in front of his eyes because of this case and a series of other killings which occur in his jurisdiction.
Will he be able to solve these mysteries? Will he be able to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice? Will he be able to keep his reputation of a brilliant investigating officer intact?
Discover the answers to all these queries in this fast paced crime thriller. A story of loyalty, friendship and deception…

  • Review-

An amazing crime thriller and an ideal weekend are a perfect combination. After many days I got my hands on a mystery book, the last one being “Happily Murdered” by Rasleen Syal which had set the bar quite high. I can’t say that this book by Jasper reached that bar, but it did come close enough.

“And he wanted me dead” by Jasper is a fast paced crime thriller which starts with a well-built character Inspector Raj investigating the murder of a well-to-do resident of Delhi, Bobby Patel. The primes suspects for the case are Bobby’s past business partners, Sandy and Joy. Inspector Raj is an intelligent cop and knows how to get things sorted quick. He puts his heart and soul into the case and makes sure that no evidence / lead is left unattended. Through proofs, Raj also adds Bobby’s cousin Damien aka Prince’s name in the list of suspects for Bobby’s murder case. When Raj is done solving the case with the criminal behind bars, another murder is revealed and its investigation also leads to the discovery of one more suicide, resulting in 3 cases on the whole. The climax of the story is sure to give you goosebumps and the entire purpose of the narration will definitely be thrilling for the readers to explore.

  • Appreciations:

Being a beginner, Jasper has done a great job with the script. Perfect grammar, smooth pace of the story and simple narration made the script a delight to read. For a thriller, the most important thing is for facts to be revealed at appropriate timings else the entire script can go waste; Jasper has managed that very well and the book has come out really good. The script might seem slow moving or nothing extra-ordinary at the beginning till almost the end, but picks up pace once interesting revelations start pouring in.

  • Let-downs:

There seemed to be something amiss due to the slow moving narration at the beginning; could have turned out even better in other case.

  • Verdict:

An amazing book, must read! (4/5)

  • Available at:
  1. Amazon (Rs. 225)
  2. Infibeam (Rs. 169)

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