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Book Review #43: The Six + 1 Wish


Author: Anubhav Jyotirmoy

Pages: 190

Publisher: Cinnamonteal Publishing

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5

Title : 3.5/5

Blurb : 3/5

Story : 3/5

Theme : 2.5/5

Characters : 4/5

Overall : 3/5

  • Characters (Leads)-
  1. Anubhav- The narrator
  2. Shashank- The protagonist
  • Blurb:

We are often so caught up in our daily life and routines that we don’t have time to fulfill our own wishes. Sometimes the fear of society’s disapproval stops us from doing what we desire. We hesitate in sharing our secrets and truths with our friends, relatives, loved ones and others. We want to express our love for the people around us but always leave it for another day. For most of us though, that day never comes and we carry our hidden desires and wishes to the grave.

Except for the lucky six!

The Six + 1 wish is the story of how these six do get a second chance to fulfill the biggest wishes of their lives.

  • Review-

“The Six + 1 Wish” by Anubhav Jyotirmoy is the story of a guy named Anubhav, who meets Shashank on a highway. Anubhav had left home for a long drive after a heated argument with his parents. Shashank asks for a lift from him and Anubhav decides to help him out. Shashank’s weird behavior and talks irritate Anubhav but he agrees to listen to Shashank’s story, but Shashank poses a condition that Anubhav will have to continue driving and not stop anywhere on the highway until he is done narrating the story. Seeing no other interesting option available for him, Anubhav gives in. Then Shashank starts narrating on how he came to Gorakhpur two days back and met several people whom he had never even dreamed of meeting. He also narrates a few incidences from his childhood, which include his love at first sight for a girl named Tanak, whom he had seen in the famous Gorakhpur Mela five years back. Every year he would visit Gorakhpur Mela just in the hope of finding his dream girl. But this year it was different. His best friend Rohan murders his another best friend Vinay and the course of events which take place on that one single night, post the murder, are too much for anyone to go through. The climax of the story and the purpose of publishing this book which is revealed in the end will definitely make you question the presence of souls around you.

  • Appreciations:

Thoughts on inter-caste / inter-religion marriage were brilliantly portrayed. Also the facts about souls being pure souls or turning to ghosts were put forth in a genuine manner. An element of mystery about Shashank was maintained throughout.

  • Let-downs:

The script on the whole seemed unrealistic at times, and even if we do consider it to be in the fictional domain, it was too fictional to be acceptable. Improper transitions between past and present made it difficult to remain pinned to the story. Too many co-incidences made the next course of events predictable at a certain point.

  • Verdict:

A short yet different tale. (3/5)

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  • Available at:
  1. Amazon (Rs. 250)
  2. Infibeam (Rs. 188)

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