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Book Review #44: Salsa

Author: Anupam Dasgupta
Pages: 124
Publisher: Omji Publishing House

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 3/5
Theme : 2.5/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 2.5/5

  • Characters-
  1. Vihaan
  2. Mitali
  • Blurb:

Vihaan, 32, a software professional, divorced. Life had not been the way it should have been. And Vihaan had stopped trying. Mitali, 32, strategy consultant, divorced. Notwithstanding a plush job and a jet setting career an acute sense of loneliness stalked her relentlessly Back in 2004, Vihaan had met Mitali during his MBA summer internship. The meeting was magical – they parted with fond memories of a splendid evening. Life went on and yet every now and then both Vihaan and Mitali wondered what life would have been like had they spent more time together Eight years later, Vihaan and Mitali meet each other accidentally. During the course of eight years both of them got marriedand divorced. They share their woes and joys and promise to keep in touch. Over the next few meetings they experience tender moments of love and intimacy and yet they part over a misunderstanding. Destiny though, has other plans. Vihaan and Mitali keep bumping into each other every now and then. But both treat this as a co-incidence and carry on with their lives. OT until they meet again at Salsa classes and rediscover something special over a few curious moves! Vihaan has to make a winning move on the big day, and not just to flaunt his salsa skills but to make his life a heady mix!

  • Review-

“Salsa.. World is a small place” by Anupam Dasgupta is a short a sweet tale. The phrase “World is a small place” plays an important role in the entire story, always proving to be true as Vihaan and Mitali keep meeting time and again, considering it to be a co-incidence each time. Theirs was a fairly cute first encounter at a pub in Delhi on the last day of their Summer Internship. Although they fall in love at first sight, they try to convince themselves that it was just another normal encounter with a stranger and shouldn’t be given much importance. However they bump into each other eight years later, as both of them turn out at the same multiplex for a Saturday morning show of the same movie. They prefer not to watch the movie and spend time talking to each other instead. They discover that each of them had been married and are now divorced. Having seen a bitter past, both were pretty cautious on taking the next step in their relationship and again a bitter misunderstanding draws them apart until they land up together at the same weekend Salsa classes. Their instructor Rebecca sees some chemistry between them and pairs them up for rehearsals. Their revelation of their love for each other on the last day of their Salsa class which was a live stage performance does bring on applause from their fellow members on the stage and the audience too. But Mitali is to leave for UK forever. What happens in the end and the way it happens will surely bring a smile on your face and make you believe in the power of love.

  • Appreciations:

Simple vocabulary, straight to the point narration and no unwanted or unnecessary descriptions made the book a delight to read. The plot moved on fairly smoothly.

  • Let-downs:

A few grammatical errors here and there and poor editing. Transitions from one scene to another were very abrupt with no partitioning between the last line of current scene and the first line of the next scene.

  • Verdict:

A short and sweet tale. (2.5/5)

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