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Book Review #46: Panorama of Life

Author: Sachin Singh
Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

Our society presents a vivid picture of human life. And the same has been narrated in a realistic and meaningful tone in this book by Sachin Singh. There are stories of love that catapults into sweet or tragic ends, ultimately leaving an everlasting impression into the reader’s mind… and there are stories that depict the inspirational life of the common people. Leaving a few of the stories where the author has used his imaginative skills to weave the prose, most of his stories are based on realism presented in a standard literary style. The book is more based on a novel thematic concept and aimed to simultaneously entertain and inspire the readers. This collection of short stories here is like a flower bouquet where each flower is different but their beauty and aroma stands intact and unblended.

  • Review-

“Panorama of Life” by Sachin Singh is a collection of 28 short stories from different genres of life. All stories are totally different from each other, covering different aspects and showing a slice of life in true sense. The book takes us on a soulful journey as we relive the unprofessed feelings in the deepest recesses of our hearts.

  1. My First Crush: Feelings experienced when your first crush is getting married. A flashback of all the times the author spent with his crush has been narrated beautifully.
  2. The Unblessed Lady: Story of a girl named Kalyani who gets into a profession, which an average society hesitates to discus openly, as a result of her parents being murdered and her becoming an orphan needing money.
  3. The Pretty Proposal: Transition from immature college-days love to a mature and fulfilling relationship later in life.
  4. Sabri: Story of a lady whose husband is paralyzed three years after their marriage and is killed by a Maoist troop. Several years later her son too is killed by a Maoist troop post which she becomes insane.
  5. The Lady At The Bar: The protagonist’s drunk encounter with a young girl who sung at a bar.
  6. My Maid in Kolkata: The profound generosity of the protagonist’s maid moves his heart and is still remembered by him several years later.
  7. Mr. Shyam: Regret of a new-age dead man who misses all the happiness in the vicinity of his home and the little joy gained from friends and family to build a hefty bank balance at the end of his life.
  8. My Friend’s Marriage: Focus of this story was not on the protagonist’s friend’s marriage, but how he changed his profession from being an MBA to dedicating his life to a project named “Gau-seva” (service to the cows)
  9. Simplicity vs. Greatness: A glimpse of Indian politics through the protagonist’s meeting with Anna Hazare.
  10. The King Cobbler: An encounter with an old cobbler truly signifying that “Work is Worship”.
  11. Gratitude: The feelings of a lower-caste boy who is invited for a feast by an upper-caste man.
  12. The Rock Garden: Reverie of a man who was mistreated in his young days by his step-mother and step-brother.
  13. The Cycle Stand: Sweet encounter of a boy and a beautiful girl at a cycle stand.
  14. The Riding Fate: Story of a tea-stall owner who is abused by some goons as a result of which he is never able to work again.
  15. Childhood: A collection of several childhood incidences indicating the profound innocence and nature oblivion from the troubles of life.
  16. Lover’s Gaze: A boy’s experience of confessing love for the first time and being tagged and stupid and funny.
  17. Riot: Story of a young couple who were disowned by their families and society just because they dared to love and marry someone who was not of their religion.
  18. Victory: A sweet tale of how father’s love for his son wins over his desire to leave his son alone at his hometown and go to another city to pursue his dreams and earn a lot of money.
  19. Saima: A young girl who falls in love with her teacher, they decide to get married but an unfortunate event parts them only to get them together a few months later signifying the victory of love.
  20. Missing: Story of a parted father and daughter who are re-united by a man acting as their angel.
  21. A Traumatic Fantasy: An unexpected encounter of a boy and a girl once in a train and once in an examination hall.
  22. Serendipitous Baby: A couple whose baby’s father is the husband’s brother.
  23. My Love: A girl who dares to runaway from her home to love with her love in Mumbai.
  24. A Beautiful Decision: The plot of an arranged marriage where the husband provides intellectual exposure to her wife who emerges out to be a very bright student.
  25. The Servant: Story of a servant who tries to achieve something in life but having been exposed to the outer world he finds the job of a servant better than anything else.
  26. My Brother’s Wife: Struggle of boy to buy a gift for his sister-in-law.
  27. Gulab Theatre: Admiration of a guy for a girl’s singing talent and how she goes on te become a famous singer.
  28. A Tribute to a Dear Friend: A friendship that begins online on a social site and stays for the rest of their lives.
  • Appreciations:

Deep understanding about various incidences of life shows the detailed study of the author while scripting the book. Perfect grammar, adequate narration and varied stories make the book a delight for the readers.

  • Verdict:

An amazing view of life through varied lenses. (3.5/5)

Read Author Sachin Singh’s interview.

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