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Book Review #49: Ensnared


Author: Prashant Wase
Pages: 118
Publisher: Authors’ Ink Publications
Cover design: Ink Studioz

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 4.5/5
Blurb : 2/5
Story : 3.5/5
Theme : 3/5
Characters : 2.5/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Characters-
  1. Neil- The protagonist
  2. Divya- The victim
  • Blurb:

Neil and Divya are the perfect couple with a perfect life until they are not. They fall prey to strange happenings around them. It doesn’t just stop there; along with them, heir family and friends experience the unspeakable. What is the secret behind their tragic fates? Will they survive this haunting?

Prepare to taste the dark side of Tantra and find out the answers for yourself. Feel the chill for yourself. Get ENSNARED.

  • Review-

“Ensnared” by Prashant Wase is releasing on 30th June, 2015. It is the story of Neil and Divya and their much shocking encounter with an unforeseen fact. Divya is admitted to the hospital and Prashant decides to pay a visit. On reaching there, Neil agrees to narrate the entire issue to Prashant on the condition that he will turn it into a novel. Prashant agrees and hence Neil starts his narration. It had all started in their school days when Neil became friends with Prithvi. They used their entire time together. Divya and Neil had been together for a long time now but Prithvi had cast a spell on Divya to make her go away from Neil and get closer to him instead. As a result, Divya broke up with Neil and they weren’t in contact for a long time now. But fate had them bond again and they were soon married. They moved from Pune to Mumbai and rented a huge 4BHK bungalow. From the time they moved in, Divya began to experience unusual happenings like blood flowing from the kitchen sink’s tap and encounters with a mother-daughter duo and large no. of insects, all attacking her at the same time. Similar things start affecting Neil too. Neil was very worried for her and on insistence by their maid, he took Divya to a tarot card reader who gave them amulets to wear, hence shielding them from the attach of the spirits. They also performed a havan to get rid of the spirits and they were pretty much sucessful. The news of Prithvi’s unusual death also dawned on them and it settled down things in their life, but not for long.

One of Neil’s friend was to be married in Goa and other 5 friends had decided that they would all plan the trip together alongwith their wives and children. Neil had an ancestral mansion which was selected for their stay during the trip. Unfortunately they unforeseen incidents started happening. Their car was trapped on a road and how much ever they drove, they still ended up on the same point, indicating that they were indeed circling and driving around the same area. Neil’s younger brother Viren got badly injured in the process and Neil decided to take police’s help. However, Neil’s father and an inspector went missing mysteriously and it turned out that the mansion was haunted. One of the Neil’s friend, Sam went in coma when his wife Diana and children, Nelson and Lisa, were murdered by the spirits. The turn of events compelled them to seek help from their old trustworthy servant who resided in the village. However, the facts revealed by the servant about the mansion’s history and the deeds of Neil’s great-grandfather and grandfather left them spellbound and deep in shock. The climax and the relation of all events from beginning till the end that is revealed at the end of the story will definitely give you goosebumps!

  • Appreciations:

The most important part of a horror story is suspense, thrill and connection between events, and Prashant managed to pull off all the points really well. Although there a few typical incidents which we can think of when it comes to ghosts / spirits, they all make sense in the end when the truth is revealed. The flow of the plot is good and the turn of events so as to maintain a tinge of anticipation on what will happen next is commendable.

  • Let-downs:

Narration style and editing could have been improved a lot. All events were narrated in the form of a diary entry. But the benefit of doubt for the editing bit would go to Prashant because it was the editing team’s responsibility to get it done correctly and improvise the submission made by Prashant. Characters could have been sketched in a better manner. A lot of supporting characters came in and went out of the scenes very inappropriately. But as we all know, not everyone can pull this off and is an art which gets better only with experience.

  • Verdict:

A must read for horror fiction lovers. (3/5)

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Click here to read Author Prashant Wase’s interview.

  • Available at: Amazon (Rs. 150)

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