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Book Review #50: Marrying Happiness


Author: Arun Malik
Pages: 153

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4/5
Title : 4.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

The master motivator is back! Arun’s latest book, (6th in the series of self compiled quotations) is about finding innate Happiness. This book is in continuation with all his books on encouragement and inspiration. But this time, Arun also prompts you to surpass the challenging times and reveal your winning side. ‘Marrying Happiness, ‘ is all about dealing with difficult times, tragic situations and challenging events. Divided in two sections, the book’s first part contains inspiring sayings about getting up from tougher situations while the second part is about searching innate happiness. You know that when the master motivator pens the quotes, you are sure to see the brighter side!

  • Review-

Arun Malik’s book “Marrying Happiness” is an amazing collection of self-written quotes covering varied parts of life where one needs inspiration to get going again and continue their life struggles. The different sections in the book are:

  1. Getting up from down under: This section contains motivational and inspirational quotes. It also covers a few quotes on mistakes, courage,  self-confidence, success, life experiences, love, and the role they play in a person’s life. These quotes show a different perspective to life’s situations and help one absorb positives from those situations.My personal favourite from this section
    “We fall in love several times. But each time it has a different and a valid reason.”
  2. Happiness is inside: This section contains quotes on happiness. It’s importance in our life and how we can cherish the little smiles that life provides us while we are busy chasing our goals and dreams. It covers thoughts catering to materialistic concept of happiness. The quotes inspire us by telling that happiness is within ourselves and it is only a matter of time until you discover that hidden art dormant deep inside our soul.My personal favourite from this section
    “You don’t have to look for a reason to be happy. Always think that at least you don’t have any reasons not to be one.”

Arun’s quotes showcase his knowledge and a different angle with which we could view life to live it in a better manner. He has delved deep into the concepts of struggle, happiness, love and life on the whole to come up with such ideologies. His quotes clearly indicate his positive attitude towards life and also his eagerness and thrive to motivate people to lead better lives.

The only let-down for me was that a few quotes seemed very similar and were just worded differently, which could have been avoided.

  • Verdict:

An inspiring, motivating, intriguing book! (3.5/5)

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