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Book Review #54: Life Had Other Plans

Author: Munish Dhawan
Pages: 361
Publisher: Jufic Books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Cover Design: Trideep Saha

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4.5/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 2.5/5
Theme : 2/5
Characters : 2.5/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Characters:
  1. Nikhil- The protagonist
  2. Ratty- Nikhil’s friend
  3. Su- Nikhil’s friend
  4. Ellis- Nikhil’s spouse
  5. Mallika- The villian
  • Blurb:

Nik, a college dropout, joins Roy & Grant Communications, a passionately charged advertising agency, with enthusiastic anticipation, only to discover that his life is about to change forever. He bumps into Ratty, the love rat; and Su, the benevolent prude, instinctively perceiving that there’s a cosmic connection between the three!
They become the best of friends. Soon, they are inseparable. 3 more team up with them to form a batty group that lives up to the advertising world’s reputation of being totally demented. But they hardly care. They’re having way too much fun, together!
Just when they hope that their merry little world continues, life reveals a new plan.
Nik commits the cardinal sin of falling in love with one of his best friends. Before he can declare it, he learns that Su is in love too, but not with him! When the bombshell Mallika arrives on the scene, the skirt-chasing love rat finds himself in love too!
What happens next is an entangled saga that unfolds into an incredible chain of events, leaving the reader breathless.
‘Life Had Other Plans’ is part funny, part loony, part tragic tale where nothing goes according to plan. It’s a high drama of love gained and love lost that builds up to a completely unexpected end. But not before the three protagonists – Nik, Ratty and Su are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets!

  • Review-

Life Had Other Plans by Munish Dhawan is particularly the twisted love story of a man named Nikhil Sharma, and how he lands up being with the true love of his life. The story begins with Nikhil’s career kick-off at Delhi’s topmost advertising agency, Roy & Grant. The receptionist at the time, Sophie, gets Nikhil off-guard and he falls for her. After several days of being at Roy & Grant, he finally sums up the courage to invite Sophie for coffee. Sophie on the other hand thought that Nikhil would never ask her. Thus starts a cute love story which soon ends due to Sophie’s disappointment in Nikhil’s incompetency to satisfy her carnal desires. With lost self-confidence and a broken heart, Nikhil diverts his attention to his new-found friends – Ratnesh (Ratty) and Supriya (Su or Chandi Ma as Nikhil named her). He believed there was some cosmic connection between the three of them and spent most of his time with them. Their evenings would either be spent at a bar, called “Guilt”, nearby their office or at Su’s place with her grandmother, whom they lovingly called “dida”.

The script contained a number of funny and crazy incidences from Roy & Grant for the period that Nik, Su, and Ratty worked there. They also had their share of bad days when all of their ideas would receive outright rejection from their department head Nina, just out of her sheer hatred for them, especially Su. Overcoming all hurdles, the trio even won an award once, for the best advertisement in a particular category. Su and Ratty would always fight with each other but somewhere deep inside her heart, Su had feelings for Ratty which she could never muster up the courgae to inform Ratty about. Things got worse when Mallika was hired by Roy & Grant. If Ratty was a skirt-chaser, it wouldn’t harm to say that Mallika was a rich-man-chaser. She would do anything and everything to get boys and men down on their knees for her, spend the last penny of their hard-earned on her and when they would be bankrupt, Mallika would conveniently drop-out of their lives, leaving them in depression – atleast that is what happened with Ratty. He ended up being in depression. His career was at stake but with Su determined to bring him back on track, he was saved from getting fired.

After the resignation of Prasad, the Creative Director of Roy & Grant, the trio’s ideal, Su and Nik switched jobs to another famous advertising company, Dolchi. They worked as creative partners there and were very successful in their work. It was around the same time when Ratty proposed to Su and soon they were married. Something that was ignored all this time was Nik’s love for Su. He had hidden his feelings for Su giving in to the fact that Su loved Ratty and he thought it was best to let their friendships remain intact. But soon after they got married, Su and Ratty started having issues in their marital life and a time came when Ratty blamed Su for infidelity with Nik. The turn of events hence and an unexpected realization at Nik’s end make the book an interesting read, especially the second half.

  • Appreciations:

Amazing use of vocabulary and metaphor. Many of the statements at the first glance would seem confusing to the reader, which someone might consider a let-down because good books don’t make their readers read sentence twice before they understand it; but this time its different. Without those metaphors, the book wouldn’t have been as much fun to read and relate to. Perfect grammar, beautiful descriptions of characters were some of the perks.

  • Let-downs:

A few situations were too elaborate to hold the attention of the the reader. Incidences were stretched / even mentioned in the book, unnecessarily. Many such incidences had no relation with the actual story that was supposed to be conveyed, nevertheless were included in the script, which should have been avoided. Maybe the book would have been written in a much better way with less number of pages involved.

  • Verdict:

A lengthy yet twisted love story. (3/5)

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