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Author Interview #9: Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh is an author who started out by writing poems during her schooling. She won accolades as a debater at the university level. She has a master’s degree in chemistry and education. She was an editor for a science magazine and editor-in-chief for the quarterly news during her teaching career. She wrote this book for her kids so they will remember to remain in goodness, the only oxygen for the soul. She believes that “a regular workout gives you an admirable body, similarly working out your soul gives you an exemplary soul.” Let’s get to know her more-

“A strong, undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith—not rigid, dogmatic religion.” This is the main theme of my book. This unique way of life can unite all humans. The Almighty God is one and one alone. Only the routes to him are diverse. All religions have the same virtues for the soul. Only if we look beyond the outer will we reach the true treasure of our inner. This makes you not only blissful but also changes your life for the best.

I have discussed each attribute in detail in eighteen chapters—from the magnanimous, untamed ego to the tender, compassionate giving; from the security of love to the hurtfulness of negativity. Awareness in us, common people leading our busy lives, and small changes in our thoughts and emotions can make our family life a paradise. This infectious paradise can begin the altering of this whole world.

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  • When did you start writing?

I started writing as a child – mainly poems and slowly wanted to write more. I was a science magazine editor all through my teaching career and wrote science articles. Then started covering the campus news and was made Chief Editor.

  • Very well Sonia. What is the purpose of your writing?

I am a BELIEVER IN GOODNESS. I live positively, so my purpose is to infuse so much positivity in the whole world via my writing that all barriers of lies, incompetence and hatred are torn down and people learn to introspect so that they join me in my endeavor to increase goodness. I am introspective and am trying to walk on a path of truth and goodness and need all my fellow humans to join me.

  • What inspired you to bring forth this idea as a book?

Every religion, every positive quote, every lesson life throws my way — I LEARN, LEARN AND LEARN. Goodness enthralled me in every way.

  • What is your take on the current lifestyle of people where the true meaning of life is being lost?

I am not in a position to reprimand people. I believe we have to look at the good in each other to co-exist. If each of us takes the responsibility of our duties and performs them to the best of our ability, be it work or home, then we automatically will have the conviction and confidence of correctness. The vices come in only when we are lacking. There will be no need of conniving and sarcasm as we give to our duties what we expect from others. Let us all join hands to start an era of goodness and Godliness. We all need to get our perspective together because if we do not fix ourselves we will create a mess in us and all around us. The ability to look at the positives in each person — this is where it has to begin for our outlook. For our inner we have to face our negativity and then begin to get rid of them for good.None of this can be achieved without us working out our soul everyday.

  • Which of your works have been published so far?

This is my first book.

  • Awesome. You have started off really well Sonia. Being such a positive person, I am tempted to ask you about your idea of love, family, relationships, and religion on the whole.

I believe all values start building in a family. If we cannot love, respect and be honest within a family then we cannot attain peace within. So each person, as a parent, as a child, as a sibling — in short as a multi faceted person, should value the religion you are born in. Pray in your own way so when you look at that PERFECT INFINITE you imbibe his qualities so you are a better you. That is when you will be doing your best in every relationship and every facet of your life. God is the unending goodness that comes to you only if you understand the practicality of His teachings. Visiting temples cannot get you peace alone, that inner calm stems from your good deeds, kind thinking, well wishing, truthful dealing, compassionate giving.

  • Whoa! That was deep. So how was this journey of becoming a published author? What is your take on book publishing as you see the current scenario?

Publishing was complicated and would want to suggest to all budding authors that they should go the traditional way. Book publishing needs a change in it and I have some extraordinary ideas to implement. I do plan to come up with something of my own that is so black and white that all authors will love it.

  • That’s amazing Sonia. I really look forward to a new approach from a debutante author herself. What are your forthcoming writings?

I have already started on my next but want to learn from my first. Take all the positives and then work on the pitfalls so next time my answers to your questions would be totally at another level

  • What are the four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
  1. Clarity of thought.
  2. Depth of subject.
  3. Concise matter (no drag)
  4. Written from heart.
  • What is your favorite genre and why?

No favorite genre as all writers are at one level for me.

  • What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

My father, mother, and each and every religion. I grew up in an army environment so from Guru Granth Sahib to Vaishno Devi to Dargah to Church, I have only learned and am still learning.

  • What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was to give up a career of 12 years at it’s zenith and adjust to a new country. I changed my location for my family, went back to college so I could give more time to them. From my passion of chemistry to taking registries in Physics and Adult Echo I even changed my lifestyle. All peace stems from you fulfilling your duties to your family to the fullest, for you are responsible for your little ones. I love everything life throws my way for I know God is with me at every step, every moment.

  • If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?

I love Mother Teresa but I am too ordinary to be her so I will be me. She is way beyond me. Too great, no words.

  • Finally, any message for our readers?

Come join me beautiful people for the God in you is the God in me. We all can turn this whole world into an unending ocean of positivity. Let us look at goodness, breathe goodness, feel goodness and be good. I am trying and need support from each one of you.


Read my review of Sonia’s book “Workout Your Soul”

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