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Book Review #60: Workout Your Soul

Author: Sonia Singh
Pages: 89
Publisher: Xlibris

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

“A strong, undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith—not rigid, dogmatic religion.” This is the main theme of my book. This unique way of life can unite all humans. The Almighty God is one and one alone. Only the routes to him are diverse. All religions have the same virtues for the soul. Only if we look beyond the outer will we reach the true treasure of our inner. This makes you not only blissful but also changes your life for the best.

I have discussed each attribute in detail in eighteen chapters—from the magnanimous, untamed ego to the tender, compassionate giving; from the security of love to the hurtfulness of negativity. Awareness in us, common people leading our busy lives, and small changes in our thoughts and emotions can make our family life a paradise. This infectious paradise can begin the altering of this whole world.

  • Review-

Workout Your Soul by Sonia Singh is an amazingly written book. It covers various aspects which define the being of our soul. These aspects have been categorized into various sections and presented as separate chapters listed below-

0. What is universal religion? Practicing humanity is what defines our soul. That is the ultimate universal religion that one should follow.

  1. What You Think Is Who You Are: Our thinking has a huge impact on our soul. Positive thinking leads to a happy life whereas negative thinking only makes our soul a home for diseases, although these emotions need to balance out each other.
  2. Destiny or Karma: A healthy discussion on karma defining and leading us to our destiny.
  3. The Ticker of Goodness Within: Good deeds help us live a content life. Although the definition of “good deeds” varies from person to person and is also different for people of different age groups.
  4. The Power of Truth: Speaking the truth relieves our soul from the burden of holding something in our mind. Truth is the ultimate route to everlasting peace in your soul.
  5. Sense of Self-Worth and Self-Respect: We are all born with a sense of dignity and no other being has the right or should have the power to take it away from us.
  6. Untamed Ego: Ego is like a beautiful, rich, colorful fruit devoid of sweetness. It is good to nurture it to a certain limit but not inflate it so much so that it kills your kindness, compassion and goodness.
  7. The Sword of Negative Thought: Negativity slices through your heart, leaving it wounded and bleeding. In other words, negative thoughts lead to self-created sadness.
  8. The Beauty of Giving: Generosity is food for our soul.
  9. The Security: You have to believe that come what may, it will all be fine in the end.
  10. The Kill of Money: Money should be handled like a friend. It should be shown respect but not let it intimidate us so we ruin our life in it’s lure.
  11. Grudges: Forgive and forget. Never let the demons of yesterday ruin the beauty of your today and the splendor of your tomorrow.
  12. The Power of Reaching Out: To be able to bond with your loved ones, you need to spend quality time with them. Similarly, to bond with God, you need to spend quality time with Him.
  13. Inner Glow and Power of Prayer: What exercise is to our muscles and body, prayer is to our soul. Just as we admire our body in the mirror, we should be able to admire our soul.
  14. Discipline and Character: Discipline means to restrain our mind from negative thoughts, viciousness, jealousy and wrong assumptions. Character is what you do when no one is watching who you actually are.
  15. The Adultery of Love and Nourishing Responsibilities: The love of your own self should never imbalance you.
  16. Insinuation and Hurting: It is amazing how only bad people assume the worst of everyone and good, happy, content people generally assume good about others. Hurt is a lethal weapon that can ruin relationships forever.
  17. Forgiveness with Positive Outlook: Forgive and forget with your mind and soul.
  • Appreciations:

Brilliantly crafted with a lot of dedication and understanding. Sonia has brought together a truck load of positive thoughts in a single book. The book is full of positive energy and you get a motivational vibe from the words to think and act positively in life.

  • Let-downs:

A few inspiring stories to support the thoughts and ideas would have taken the book to a new level of depth and understanding.

  • Verdict:

An enlightening book, chicken soup for the soul (3.5/5)

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  • Available at:  Amazon
    Paperback (Rs. 160)
    Kindle (Rs. 152)

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