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Book Review #63: The Missed Call Of My Life

Author: Raj Sinha
Pages: 89
Publisher: Patridge Publishing India

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Story : 2/5
Theme : 2/5
Characters : 3/5
Overall : 2.5/5

  • Characters:
  1. Shiv- The protagonist
  2. Tamanna- Shiv’s love
  3. Prashant- Shiv’s friend
  4. Radhika- Shiv’s mentor and friend
  • Blurb:

What happens when you badly crave for something, but that thing keeps dodging you despite your tireless efforts? The same was happening in Shiv’s life. He failed thrice in his CA exams, whether it was looking for a job at a call center, his friendship with Radhika and Prashant, or the love of his life Tamanna. He had to face it all: overconfidence, rejection,fear, jealousy and reality. Would he ever overcome the hurdles? Could his dream ever become a reality? And what happens when life suddenly takes a wrong turn in the middle of his dream? Based on some real-life experiences, comes an engaging story about a youth who resembles many of us.

  • Review-

The Missed Call of my Life by Raj Sinha is the story of a guy named Shiv who is a CA aspirant. Unfortunately he is unable to clear his CA exam even after multiple attempts. His father loses all hope of him ever becoming a CA and wants him to do something meaningful in life. Disappointed in himself and seeing dejection in his father’s eyes urges him to take a firm decision about his career – the decision of joining a call center / BPO as it is famously known. On announcing his decision to his parents, he seeks their approval and is all set to leave for New Delhi.

His school friend Rohit helps him in contacting consultancy firms who offer 100% placement at BPOs. His over-confidence dooms his first ever interview and he loses that job opportunity. In the second interview, the mere mention of him knowing someone at a high post in that company comes across as reference to the interviewer and considering this as his arrogance, he rejects Shiv’s application. In the third interview, even before the interviewer could say anything, Shiv narrates his desperate need for the job with utmost sincerity and strangely he is appointed at We Guest as a trainee.

He meets Tamanna on the first day of training and immediately falls in love at first sight. But Tamanna’s suspicious behavior at times disheartens him and he loses courage to propose her. He also makes friends with Prashant and his mentor Radhika. After successful completion of his training period, he joins the so-called “Jungle” of call center – why is it called a jungle? You’ll get to know that only once you read the book. Shiv screws up his cute-boy-next-door image at the first night club party by his manager, courtesy – Tamanna’s secret boyfriend Amit. Things start screwing up and even though Tamanna and Shiv get to dating in due course of time; other issues in his life like his promotion, friendship with Radhika at stake when it comes to competition and the “Jack of All Trades” contest all prove to be a roller-coaster of Shiv’s life.

  • Appreciations:

Emotions have been portrayed really well. There are very few deubtant authors who manage to get the grammar and vocabulary in perfect sync with the script and Raj managed to hit the bull’s eye in this aspect. Characters were drafted according to the need of the plot which gave a no-nonsense angle to the narration. The dilemmas that a below-average looking guy faces when it comes to love and being popular in the social circle have been described amazingly.

  • Let-downs:

No twist in the the story whatsoever. It was a smooth ride from the start till the very end. I was anticipating the story to be related to one call that he receives during his “ready” hours in the call center which turns his life by 360 degrees, but nothing of that sort happened. The actual metaphor for “call”, which is revealed at the end, only disappointed me. I had expected much more the book. Raj could have done a much much better job with such an amazing plot and script, but the lack of creativity in thoughts was evident.

  • Verdict:

A simple read, nothing extra-ordinary. (2.5/5)

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  • Available at:  Amazon
    Paperback (Rs. 450)
    Kindle (Rs. 100)

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