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Book Review #64: The Line Reader

Author: Agni Tripathi
Pages: 121
Publisher: Notion Press

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Theme : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Blurb:

A youngster decides to play a prank on his friends, pretending to be able to read the lines on their palms. But, what he sees on his own palm shocks him. Do the lines truly foretell what is in store for one?

A young couple suffers the perennial perplexities of young love. Is this one the soul-mate? Are the feelings mutual? Can they speak their minds out in time?

A young man masters the technique to wipe out memories. What could the consequence be?

Woven around the myriad ironies that are a part and parcel of complex human relations, moving from the tranquil hills to the sweltering plains, touching upon the lives of Metropolitan cities and the remotest rural villages, this collection of short stories will take you through the lives of the various protagonists, who are typical to India in her magnificent diversity.

Written in a lucid style with a mix of humour and pathos, the stories are sure to touch your hearts as they unfold…

  • Review-

The Line Readerby Agni Tripathi is an amazing collection of 22 stories, each one different from the other in all aspects. The book is painted with myriad hues of genres. The stories in the book are as follows-

  1. Fasting to Liberation: The story of a doctor who is posted to a remote area and his experience of treating people who are fasting for a revolution to make theirs a separate state.
  2. Killer: The story of a fake call by a serial killer to make the victim reach the crime location. The revelation of the serial killer is bound to give you goosebumps!
  3. Parting Gift: Two roommates who are more than friends, almost brothers, and how a small box of Swiss chocolates makes a difference.
  4. The Line Reader: On the belief in astrology, palmistry to be specific.
  5. Love Birds: The tingling feeling of love and how the commitment only grows with time.
  6. Bongaon Local: Encounter of a fresh medical graduate with a person who bewares him of the place he has been posted to as a doctor.
  7. Photograph: Invention of an electronic eraser and how it erases a  photograph before the inventor could recall its resemblance to someone.
  8. Quarter No. 7B: A residence quarter built for doctors posted there being unofficially assigned to the head of a dacoit group and the mystery behind it.
  9. At the bus-stop on the 28th day: Journey of a relationship from the first meeting till the last goodbye in just 28 days.
  10. God’s Own Child: God doesn’t differentiate among his children on the basis of religion, but humans do.
  11. My Gentleman:  A bus co-passenger who proves himself to be a gentleman through his action.
  12. Found: An interesting tale about a lost umbrella and it’s relation with the “Lost & Found” section of the protagonist’s college.
  13. Shall We Dance: That one dance of your life which always holds a special place in your heart.
  14. Innocent: How thinking of someone else’s happiness sometimes makes you more happy than that person receiving it.
  15. Mr. Ghosh’s Bungalow: The story of Mr. Ghosh’s daughter’s hidden marriage’s revelation and how it affects their reputation in the society.
  16. Tale of the Maxriter: A pen who turns out to be the protagonist’s savior.
  17. Operation Infecto Leaderous: A political story of the leadership and opposition.
  18. The Other Couple: A couple who left their kid alone at home, and how the kid calls up the protagonist, accidentally, asking for his parents’ whereabouts.
  19. All’s Well that Ends Well: A group of varied type of friends and their experience of a train ride with a bomb diffusion.
  20. My Friend Jyoti: Story of the protagonist’ school-mate who becomes a celebrity after growing up.
  21. The Meeting: A narrow escape from an accident on missing a bus.
  22. Yesterday: A story of Sankalp and Aparna which depicts that a few things feel like they just happened yesterday.
  • Appreciations:

“Awesome” is the word for this book! Or maybe “awesome” too would be an under-statement. Covering such a varied range of genres in one book is a fantastic idea and a job well done. The idea was pulled off brilliantly by Agni. Perfect grammar and perfect descriptions. The narrations matched international level of literature writing.

  • Let-downs:

Disclaimer: The below mentioned let-down has been corrected in the further prints and hence can be ignored.

Fourth story of the book “The Line Reader” had its later pages disarranged at the end of another story “At the bus stop on the 28th day”. This led to confusion in understanding both the stories as the former appeared to have an abrupt end while the latter seemed to have an unconnected narration continued even after being finished. Had this goof up been taken care of, nothing would have stopped me from rating the book with a 4.5 🙂

  • Verdict:

A perfect blend of emotions and genres (4/5)

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    Paperback (Rs. 170)

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2 thoughts on “Book Review #64: The Line Reader

  1. Just finished reading the book a fortnight back, seeing its growing popularity on different pages, I felt I’ll pen down my thoughts on the book too. The best thing about the book is; and it is an important measure for me to gauge a short story book, is how well the stories grip you and compel you to go from one to the next, without much of a heave or sigh from the strain of finishing one story. Short stories are, well, just that. They are meant to entertain immensely in the short time that they have with the reader’s limited attention span of one continuous read. The author Agni Tripathi very well knows these nuances of a good short story, the mix of varied story lines in one story after the other, kept me interested all throughout and finished reading it in no time!Its ‘the’ book to have on a long boring train ride or a quiet weekend evening at home nuzzling your coffee. The first read maybe fast and short for you…give some time, and the book again, I am sure some of the stories this time will have more of an impact on you, when you discover some of them have more deeper fabrics of messages and thought processes by the author than it met the eye when you read it first.


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