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Book Review #72: Ink On Water


Author: Shubhrata Prakash
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 35
Cover Design: Vama Communications, Ahmedabad

  • Ratings-

Cover : 5/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 2/5
Overall : 4.5/5

  • Blurb:

When ink falls on the water , its color spreads on the water; In a similar fashion when the colors of emotions fall on paper, They form Poetry.”Ink On Water” is one such collection of beautiful poems.

  • Review:

Ink On Water by Shubhrata Prakash is a distinct collection of 15 poems written over a period of 2 decades! The poems in the book include-

  1. A Cozy Reading Nook: Description of various parts of the room and how they all attract the author to occupy them as her reading nook.
  2. Waiting For Her – I: A heinous act by a father towards his own daughter.
  3. Waiting For Her – II: On the line of the previous poem, a series of FB status updates of a working mother whose daughter is sexually assaulted in school.
  4. The Dawn: Description of a dawn.
  5. The River: Comparison of a woman’s life and societal status to that of a river.
  6. Phoenix From The Darkness: Struggle to see the positives in life.
  7. Surviving The Ocean Of Darkness: On similar lines as the previous poem.
  8. The Shade Of A Dry Tree: Connection to an old tree which was full of leaves once but is now dry.
  9. The Sea: Comparison of a woman’s life and societal status to that of a sea.
  10. Coming Alive: How it feels to be back to writing after a long break.
  11. The Plasma TV: A daughter’s letter to her mother describing the demand of Plasma TV by her in-laws and the effect it has on her.
  12. Food For Thought: Description of intents behind various people attending the party where food is wasted in large quantity and the food shortage for people living on the streets.
  13. Mirrors: Comparison of reflection seen in an actual mirror to the perspectives of the society and the entire world.
  14. The Ring: Depicts the first flush of love and their journey until one of them leaves the world.
  15. Looking Back: Describes the vital fact of growing up.
  • Appreciations:

Catchy graphics. It made the book all the more interesting and appealing to be picked up and read. The poems have been written with heart-felt feelings and that is very evident with the words because they instantly hook you to the narration and help connect with the protagonist first hand. A varied range of topics give a multi-faceted advantage to the book.

  • Let-downs:

I wish the book had more poems 🙂

  • Verdict:

A hidden treasure of gems for poetry lovers (4.5/5)

Click here to read to Shubhrata Prakash’s interview by me.

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