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Author Interview #14: Aabharya

Abharya is an upcoming author spending her days teaching tiny tots in Bhiwani, a small town in Haryana. A graduate in Computer Sciences, with a Bachelors Degree in Education, she is presently pursuing her Masters in English and is also working as a Public Relations Manager for a renowned corporate. She is a voracious reader and is quite passionate about semi classical Indian music and loves to both sing and listen to various melodies in her leisure.Let’s get to know her more-

  • Hi Aabharya! Firstly, wish you a very happy birthday! 🙂

Thank you so much Madhuri!

  • Tell us something about your book “Triumph of Love“:

This is a story of how love bonded two people regardless of the distance between them. Life took various turns and yet Aabha and Arya proved to the world around them that only expression through physical proximity does not mean love! They proved that their love for the other could be locked deep inside their hearts and yet become a gift for someone – cherishing lives – theirs as well as Abharya’s!

Abharya, a love child, with biology having played no role in it! She was showered with selfless love by her Godmother and Godfather; they who never could be with each other in spite of what they felt for each other!

When love is not realized by expression to one another, it can be realized by expression directed externally! It was towards Abharya, an orphan girl child who needed loving parents. Aabha and Arya proved to the world that love can be given a direction, that love need not be locked away to die, that love is not necessitous! Love is eternal!

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  • When did you start writing?

I started writing this book on 8th of march 2015

  • You remember the exact date! That’s impressive 🙂
    What is the purpose of your writing?

 I wanted to portray a different dimension of love.

  • What inspired you to bring forth this idea as a book?

Three things.
1. I find my story different from rest of the love stories.

2. It’s fiction but has an impact of a real story.
3. It’s my first book.

  • What is your idea of love, family and relationships on the whole

Love bonds beings together in relations and family. Very sensitive hence require lot of affection and care to keep it in long run.

  • So how was this journey of becoming a published author? Give some insight to your efforts in getting your book published.

I feel wonderful and buoyant at heart for my book being selected for publishing. For this I had to use all my literary skills, squeeze my mind to the last drop to come up with this work.

  • Have you self-published your book or followed the traditional approach?

It has been traditionally published as it’s my first publishing and I am not aware of in’s and out’s of this process. So took support of traditional publisher.

  • What are the four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
  1. Content should create public interest.
  2. Plot should be perfect.
  3. Characters should be described completely and scenes should be linked with each other to give a smooth flow to the story.
  4. Powerful language presentation.
  • What / Who is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

 The urge to create love and brotherhood and bonding relations inspires me.

  • What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Life itself is a challenge but I am enjoying each of it to the core because next step of challenge is success.

  • Well said! If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personalities, who would it be and why?

I would like to live as Mother Teressa so that I could serve the needy and spread love happiness and affection all over.

  • And finally, any message for our readers? 

Divine love has no form, expression or purpose, but love which exists in meaning for an objective that cannot be simply defined. Only expression through physical proximity does not mean love! When love is not realized by expression to one another, it can be realized by expression directed eternally!

So that was Abharya  for you, author of Triumph of Love


Read my review of Abharya’s book “Triumph of Love”

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