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Book Review #75: Triumph of Love

Author: Aabharya
Pages: 125
Publisher: Partridge Publishers India

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Story : 3/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Characters:
  1. Aabha- The protagonist
  2. Rajan- Aabha’s husband
  3. Arya- Aabha’s best friend
  • Blurb:

This is a story of how love bonded two people regardless of the distance between them. Life took various turns and yet Abha and Aarya proved to the world around them that only expression through physical proximity does not mean love! They proved that their love for the other could be locked deep inside their hearts and yet become a gift for someone -cherishing lives – theirs as well as Abharya’s!

Abharya, a love child, with biology having played no role in it! She was showered with selfless love by her Godmother and Godfather; they who never could be with each other in spite of what they felt for each other!

When love is not realized by expression to one another, it can be realized by expression directed externally! It was towards Abharya, an orphan girl child who needed loving parents. Abha and Aarya proved to the world that love can be given a direction, that love need not be locked away to die, that love is not necessitous!

Love is eternal……

  • Review:

Triumph of Love by Aabharya is a very unique story portraying that love is eternal. Aabha and Rajan were in college when Rajan proposed Aabha. A naive girl that Aabha was, she mistook her feelings for love.  He knew that Rajan had no love for Aabha and only wanted to own her for winning a stupid bet with his friends.

Aabha and Arya had been best friends since school days and Arya had loved her ever since. He was aware of Rajan’s negative intentions with regards to Aabha. Aabha’s smile when she was in Rajan stopped Arya from revealing Rajan’s true side to her. Aabha and Rajan finally got married and Arya, accepting this as his fate, got married to another girl named Preeti.

It was only a matter of time that Rajan and Preeti showed their true colors to their respective spouses. They were both mentally tortured by their spouses, physical too in case of Aabha and she would alays wonder whether she had ever loved Rajan. Tired from the emotional insults and physical abuse, Aabha would slumber into reveries every night. She would recall her moments with Arya only to realize that she loved Arya from the deepest corners of her heart. Unaware of the situations in the other’s life, both would only wish to meet each other once in their lifetime. It comes to a point where Aabha has to write a letter addressing Arya from her deathbed. Does she survive through her operation? Does she beat death only to prove that she is destined to meet Arya before dying? And even if they do meet, will they ever be able to get-together and spend their lives with each other? This heart-wrenching book will definitely make you ponder upon your own feelings for your loved one and make you hold on to them through thick and thin.

  • Let-downs:

With a bit more of editing, the book could have been taken to a whole new level. Grammar and dialogue narrations could have been improved. There was a lot of back and forth

  • Appreciations:

Aabharya has done a commendable job in covering a wide range of emotions in less number of pages. Not just love, but also domestic violence, expectations, life after marriage, has been conveyed beautifully. Triumph of Love is a very different from the usual love stories. Twists and turns were managed very well. Beautifully carved words and perfect expression of emotions made the book a delight to read.

  • Verdict:

A unique love story through the eyes of a love child. (3/5)

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