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Book Review #77: Shit Happens, So Does Love


Author: Bimlesh Yadav
Pages: 250
Publisher: Quills Ink

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 3/5
Theme : 3/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Characters:
  1. Bhavin- The protagonist
  2. Nirmay, Ishaan, Mahrus – Bhavin’s best friends
  3. Nirvana, Arpit – Bhavin’s engineering room-mates
  4. Richa, Anshika – Bhavin’s love interests
  • Blurb:

What would you do if cops caught you at a brothel? What would you do if your best friend back-stabbed you? What would you do if your love slept with your best friend? Would you stand strong or seek support of drugs to allay your grief.
SHIT HAPPENS SO DOES LOVE is a story of friendship relationship and emotions. Life of Bhavin revolves around friends, love, betrayal, hatred but it twists peril when his BFF, Nirmay betrays him. He gets so afraid of love that he starts to hate girls. What has destiny stored for him?
Anshika, good looking,smart and boys swooning over her, happens to fall in love with him. But when disaster consumes their relationship, would their love prove strong enough to hold them together or fall apart.

Hold the book and experience college life, friendship, love, betrayal, hatred, drugs….

  • Review:

Shit Happens, So Does Love! by Bimlesh Yadav is a simple yet appealing story of a guy named Bhavin whose friends are his world. His friend fondly call him “B”. After their 12th std exam, they together experience drinking for the 1st time, except for Mahrus. They even do a lot of adventures and have lots of fun. Soon, it is time for their engineering entrance exams and meanwhile, Bhavin falls in love with a girl named Richa. He is happy with the lovely feelings occupying his heart, mind and brain, only to realize later that it was all a vendetta against Bhavin and his friends. Why would a girl like Richa revenge guys like Bhavin and his friends? You’ll get to know when you read the book 🙂

Thankfully for Bhavin, he passes his entrance exams with flying colors and manages to seek admission at a famous engineering college in Allahabad, MNNIT. A new life awaits Bhavin at MNNIT along with new roomies for him – Arpit and Nirvana. Three years into engineering, cupid strikes him again and he falls for Anshika during his internship at Ranchi. As if destiny had it all planned for them, Anshika joins MNNIT as Bhavin’s junior. They soon confess their love to each other and are the most talked-about couple in the college. In the final year of his college, Bhavin is elected as the general secretary for their college festival “Avishkar”. Amongst having no time at hand for Anshika and being busy with organizing Avishkar, Bhavin discovers Anshika kissing his best friend! Yet another heart-break! Narrated with doses of humor and subtle sarcasm, Shit Happens, So Does Love is bound to make you reminisce your good old college days.

  • Let-downs:

A lot of editing is required in the script. There is a hoard of grammatical errors which could have been avoided had the script been edited properly. The editor fails at his / her job with this point. Dialogues should have been punctuated with opening and closing inverted commas which was missing in the book. It was rather a difficult time for me to identify the difference between descriptions and dialogues because of the poor punctuation.

  • Appreciations:

When there are a lot of characters in the script, it usually gets difficult for the author to justify their respective roles in the story. Bimlesh tackled this hurdle very well. He managed to prove that he can indeed make the characters come alive for the readers via the dialogues, emotions, and vivid descriptions. Simple story, swift transitions between plots and lay-man language are some of the highlights of this book.

  • Verdict:

A cute story about friends, love and college life. (3/5)

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