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Book Review #78: Walked Away With My Soul

Author: Fredy Ilaviya
Pages: 452
Publisher: Partridge Publishers India

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 4/5
Story : 4.5/5
Theme : 4.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Characters:
  1. Aman- The protagonist
  2. Maya- The protagonist
  3. Priya- Aman’s wife
  4. Aadhiren- Maya’s husband
  5. Chhaya- Maya’s elder sister
  6. Sampat- Maya’s brother-in-law
  7. Vishal- Aman’s maternal cousin
  • Blurb:

Married at a tender age of 21, Maya spends 13 fruitless years with Aadhiren who continues to abuse her physically, sexually and financially.
Then one day she comes in contact with Aman – an honest and upright man from her city. Tired of his sullen married life, Aman befriends her. Sparks fly off and they enter in a relationship of platonic love till Maya’s husband finds this out.
He beats, abuses and maligns her socially. After three months, Maya leaves everything and comes to Aman.
Will Aman accept her now? Will they stay together? Or will their love be subdued by Aman’s ego?

WALKED AWAY WITH MY SOUL is a gripping tale set in a small town of India. Heartbreaking, though motivating, this book takes you through some of the finest and worst moments from the limited days spent by Aman and Maya.

  • Review:

Walked Away With My Soul by Fredy Ilaviya is a very unique book. It is the story of a married man named Aman and a married woman named Maya. Both have distorted marriages with their respective spouses Priya and Aadhiren and both have a son each, Prem and Bunty respectively, residing with their families in the small town of Valsad in Gujarat. Aman and Maya try a lot in their individual capacities to make their marriage work but all in vain. Aadhiren is jobless and Priya has a big mouth. All in all, they have a very dissatisfying married life each.

Facebook turns out to be a boon to them where Aman and Maya run into each other. Thy begin chatting and eventually become great friends, so much so that feelings of love start creeping in their minds and hearts. They both respect each other a lot, something that they lack receiving from their spouses. They spend very quality time with each other by meeting in temples and visiting old-age homes over a span of 4-5 months. They find solace in each other and finally decide to divorce their spouses and live a happy life together. Aman chalks out a proper plan but little does he know then that Maya will be breaking all his protocols. She leaves her house and goes to Vapi, a little away from Valsad. She calls up Aman and instead of running away with her, he takes her back to the police station in Valsad where they are confronted by Maya’s entire family. Now that its time for Maya to stand up against her abusive and jobless husband, she backs off! Yes, you read it right, she backs off, breaking all her relations with Aman.

Resorting to sadness and isolation, Aman returns back to his routine life. A few months later, Maya contacts him again. They start talking, this time with more gravity from Maya’s end. One day she calls him up and informs him that she wants to get married to him legally. Aman is unable to believe his ears. Once again, Aman chalks out a proper plan and once again, Maya breaks all protocol by suddenly running away from her house. Will she be able to restrain her fear of her family and sustain her love for Aman? Or will she go back to her family just like she did earlier? This gripping tale is bound to touch your hearts in a very unique way!

  • Let-downs:

Some narrations and points seemed repeated. At certain points, it felt like Fredy was beating around the bush. Had this been avoided, a few pages from the novel could have been reduced.

  • Appreciations:

From action to drama to romance to tragedy, Walked Away With My Soul is a  bucket full of emotions. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to pick up a bold topic and do justice with it. But Fredy seemed to have done it as if it were a cake-walk for him. Too many characters, too many incidents, and too much drama; but everything is justified. Perfect grammar, simple narration and innocent emotions were a few highlights of the book. For a debut author, it is commendable to speak on the atrocities faced by the women of our country and bold to speak on platonic love in the form of an extra-marital affair. I loved the prologue, the role that Fredy had to play in Aman and Maya’s story and what a brilliant climax!

  • Verdict:

A gripping tale of platonic love from the eyes of an extra-marital affair (4/5)

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