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Book Review #83: Musings Of Desire

Author: Amit Radha Krishna Nigam
Pages: 210
Publisher: Patridge Publishing India

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Blurb:

See through time’s bleary glass, a little beyond in the past,
Within the corners of our living rooms –
Memories are sweetly nesting.
They have made a house within our houses,
basking in the glorious light, or reclining
upon the soft couch in the shed…

From examining the nostalgia of love, to muse upon the memories of losses and pains, this, Amit’s third collection of poems and verses, is even richer and poignant. While at times, it is engaging, devotional and philosophical, at other times, it also observes quietly the nature of our contemporary world.

  • Review:

Musings of Desire by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam is a collection of 206 poems, sonnets and verses. For the first time ever, someone has attempted to publish a book with such a large number of poems and what a remarkable effort! These poems have been categorized into 12 sections as below-

  1. NOT Sonnets: Poems written in a ancient English.
  2. Musings of Desire: Mostly revolves around love and friendship.
  3. By the Docks: Experiences from Amit’s stay at Australia motivated him to write this part.
  4. Our World: A sneak peak into the world that we live in and the nuances of it.
  5. From the Book of Poetry: Amit’s experience in the world of poetry and how he commenced writing in the first place.
  6. From the Book of Krishna & Other Verses: Poems relating to various characters from mythology whose lives involved Krishna.
  7. Untitled: All poems that Amit couldn’t categorize in the sections. It revolves around a wide variety of incidences and topics.
  8. My Heart Cries Today: On sorrows and various others.
  9. Musings of Obituaries: On death.
  10. The Nature of A Seeker: Short narrations on Amit’s father, the moon and algorithms.
  11. From the Notebook: Random notes from Amit to himself.
  12. Some Songs & Verses: A collection of 23 songs and 15 verses.
  • Let-downs:

I found the language of NOT Sonnets complicated for a common man.

  • Appreciations:

An amazing work of art. There are such a wide variety of poems in this book; one can never get enough of them. It was sensible of Amit to have categorized them into sections as otherwise it would have only been a dump of poems and seemed a lot to be read in a short span of time. This book is definitely going to leave its mark in the literature world for a long time to come.

  • Verdict:

A unique and scintillating addition to the world of poetry (4/5)

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