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Book Review #84: The Tale Of The Wulks


Author: V.K. Green
Pages: 658
Publisher: Fremont Books

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 4/5
Story : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Characters:

Too many to be mentioned 🙂

  • Blurb:

“Everyone has the potential to help the world with their skills while working within their limits.”

High in the mountains in California lives a race unnoticed by humankind known as the Wulks. A magical tribe, they are the guardians of our planet: ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever ready to take up arms against those who would attack Mother Earth. Among them is a young boy named Rilk. Socially awkward and different, his skills and mind are sharp nonetheless; when he sees his legendary warrior grandfather Manfield leaving the country with the Dragon Prince Englar, he knows an epic quest of life and death awaits.

The Dark Lord Vanko is coming to dominate earth and all of its inhabitants. Our planet’s protectors, led by the Dragon Prince, form a band of men, dwarfs, and elves to save us all. But the Dark Lord and his minions are powerful and through many adventures and death-defying battles, Englar and his followers lay on the brink of death. Now, Rilk must step forward to defeat a being with only one weakness: the Blade of Anglar.

  • Review:

The Tale of the Wulks by V.K. Green is a tale of fiction. It begins in the world of Wulk, far away from earth, called the Wulk Land. An imaginary world wherein the earth is watched over by other beings who reside on a planet which revolves on the same orbit as earth, just a little away from it. This land is presided over by various other weird beings, who seem to have stopped midway of the evolution from monkeys and humans. They reside in Wulk land. They have hairs all over their body except for their faces and have a tail which grows to full length in a week’s time after they turn 18. The Wulk Land in itself is divided into various regions and areas. Each region / area is looked after by the eldest Wulk in that area and the role is taken over by the next eldest Wulk after the demise of the current eldest.

Amongst these Wulks is an autistic Wulk named Rilk who is friends with Fred, Marvin and Jack. Apparently there is something that Rilk’s grandfather has kept from him; a secret that might be of importance to Rilk. Fred is different from the other young Wulks — he is an elf and has a special interest in the opposite gender; watching and enjoying the glimpse of women is one of his hobbies. Robert is another Wulk who watches over the kids. Englar is one of the dragons and a great friend of Manfield.

The adventure begins when Englar and Manfield have to leave Wulk Land to save themselves from a great threat that is on the verge of daunting the earth. An old enemy has come back stronger than ever and has the power to destroy almost anyone who stops its way. Englar and Manfield bid farewell to the children – Rick, Fred, Jack and Marvin. But the children sense that something is amiss because the elders only mentioned that they are moving out for some errands without any estimate on when they will be back and errands usually take not more than 3-4 days. The ball is set rolling when the children decide to follow their elders and try helping them if need be. They also make sure that Robert follows them once they set on their journey. Told with an amazing imagination of fantasy land and adventures, this book will take you on a journey like no other.

  • Let-downs:

Too lengthy because of detailed descriptions.

  • Appreciations:

V.K. has amazing descriptive power. All situations, incidences and every single scene has been so vividly described as if written for a movie. This book can very easily be adapted for making a fantasy animated movie and it will do wonders at the box office. The flow of events and spilling the beans at the right time is of utmost importance for an adventure driven book and that aspect taken care of. Simple vocabulary and vivid imagination of the author are few of the highlights of this book.

  • Verdict:

A visit to a fantasy land with a dose of adventure (4/5)

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