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Book Review #91: Waves In The Sky


Author: Rakhi Jayashankar
Pages: 216
Publisher: CyberWit.Net

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 2/5
Blurb : 2.5/5
Theme : 5/5
Story : 4.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Value for money : 5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

  • Characters:

Too many to mention 🙂

  • Blurb:

Time maneuvered their lives through unforeseen circumstances. The canaries- Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika,Raihana and Yami- the heart and soul of Naivedya, run by Ms.Malini. They played together, studied together, stayed together, under the shades of their mother banyan, till they fell apart. Little did they know that they would be centrifuged by the Waves in the Sky. Hanging on to their mother banyan, they held their wings together and fought the storm.
A mind boggling tale of six headstrong girls, thirty years of their life, their mother banyan-Ms.Malini and a mystery.
A thrilling mysterious contemporary fiction.

  • Review:

I had first got my hands on Waves In The Sky as a PDF, completely raw, clearly evident that it was the 1st draft of the book. Rakhi had contacted me for a terse review to be added in the preface of the book. I obliged and commenced reading but wasn’t very happy with the narration. However, I was utterly impressed when I received the published paperback copy of the book. Editing polished Rakhi’s script and took it to an altogether different level; although there is still a lot of scope for improvement – both in language and narration.

Waves In The Sky by Rakhi Jayashankar is the story of 6 friends, beginning right from the time they were in school. Their comradeship was one of its kind and so was their group. An exemplar of friendship and kinship, these 6 girls were a home away from home for each other. Famously known as canaries across the school, everyone envied them for their perfection. Their principal mam Malini is their role model. Rakhi has ensured that the reader is hooked to the book right from the beginning until the very end by twisting the story in the perfect manner at relevant intervals. The script is so vast that it can easily pass off as a collection of multiple short stories, just with the same characters throughout. Although the script seemed dragged and too lengthy at certain points, it had a smooth flow with perfectly gelled transitions as the girls’ lives progress from childhood to teenage to adults; each one’s life intertwined with the other in a stellar manner. The story is bound to leave the reader spell-bounded.

There are very few novels with a panoply of characters being completely justified. Waves in the Sky is one such novel. There are so many characters in this book that I sometimes lost track of the who’s who of the script. But the fact that each one of them had a crucial role to play and that the script wouldn’t be half as interesting if even one of the characters went missing, pacified me. The twists and turns of the plot will put any roller-coaster to shame. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it for a 2nd read. A gripping tale of 6 friends which will make you reminisce and re-kindle with your old friends. A bundle of genres — friendship, love, thriller, suspense; you name it and it is covered in the book. I definitely see a movie being made on this brilliantly thought-of and perfectly narrated script.

  • Verdict:

So complex and yet so simple! Strongly recommended (4.5/5)

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