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Book Review #92: Misjudged Nuances

Author: Garima Bohra
Pages: 242
Publisher: Blackbuck Publications

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 4.5/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Theme : 4/5
Story : 4.5/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

  • Characters:
  1. Soumya- The protagonist
  2. Ridhaan- Soumya’s foe-turned-friend-turned-lover
  3. Anjali, Tarang- Soumya’s best friends
  4. Ankur- Anjali’s boyfriend
  5. Harshal- Ridhaan’s friend
  6. Nisha- Harshal’s friend who has a crush on Ridhaan
  7. Dr. Dinesh- A senior physiotherapist at the campus’ hospital
  • Blurb:

SOUMYA AWASTHI, a medical graduate finds herself in an extremely infuriating position when she is assigned to work with RIDHAAN AHUJA, an arrogant classmate and bitter enemy, who is determined to settle an old score with her. The internship begins on a rough-uptight note where each tries to outshine the other through work, arguments and fights. Until one grave incident which changes the circumstances and makes them forget their grudges. Gradually she starts trusting her foe-turned-friend and soon both develop tender feelings for one another. But the perfect phase of her life shatters when a well preserved secret is exposed causing a serious problem wherein the price of Soumya’s recklessness is paid by her best friends Tarang and Anjali. Will Soumya be able to save herself and her friends? Is Anjali right when she blames Ridhaan for the situation and accuses him of framing them? Can vengeance overpower every emotion? Can your feelings and faith break your own heart and hurt your soul?

  • Review:

Misjudged Nuances by Garima Bohra is the story of a girl named Soumya Awasthi and her tryst with her profession – medicine. She has a perfect life, the perfect mother, perfect set of friends – Anjali and Tarang, and the perfect enemy – Ridhaan. Ridhaan and Soumya had a pick on each other since the 1st year of their graduation and the same continued throughout. The tension between them increased by notches when Soumya stooped low enough to shatter Ridhaan’s love life to hit him where it would hurt the most. Ridhaan then swore to never let go off his vengeance against her.

Having completed their graduation, they are all set for their one year long internship at their college’s hospital. Coincidentally, Ridhaan and Soumya are paired up for their internship and are required to work as a team. Ridhaan’s parents are doctors too and own a hospital named Arogyam which is one of the elite hospitals of Aurangabad. The 1st doctor that Ridhaan and Soumya are assigned to, Dr. Mundhe, is a fan of Ridhaan’s father and hence favors Ridhaan over Soumya in every aspect. She tries her best to outperform Ridhaan in order to gain the Dr. Mundhe’s appreciation so much so that she once is about to give the wrong treatment to a small girl who accidentally drank kerosene.

Being suspended for the day and her friend Anjali’s advice to not let her grudges with Ridhaan affect her professional life open her eyes for the good. She apologizes to Ridhaan and they soon become fast friends. Their co-ordination while working together as a team is not hidden from anyone. They become the other’s emotional confidante. When they are posted in the AIDS department for 2 weeks, they befriend the doctor they report to, Dr. Paul Merchant, who is a pure soul and an HIV patient himself. They take good care of him during his last days.

Just when everything is going on perfectly well, Soumya incepts a conspiracy wherein she fakes some case papers and prescriptions to steal medicines and help the people of a nearby slum area named Patilwadi. Although it is Ridhaan’s brainchild, Soumya is more than grateful to him for helping her fulfill her dream of serving the needy and destitute. Ridhaan and Soumya slowly and steadily fall for each other. Their love story is one of its kind.

Meanwhile, Anjali’s father gets to know of her relationship with Ankur, her classmate and is very upset with this act of Anjali’s. Tarang, the most beautiful girl on campus, is cheated on by a senior physiotherapist, Dr. Dinesh, who takes advantage of the fact that Tarang is head over heels in love with him and films their intimate moments to blackmail her further. Soumya’s little bundle of secret lies is out in the open on the last day of their internship, putting her’s and her best friends’ career in jeopardy. What will happen? Who informed the Dean and the college authorities of Soumya’s conspiracy? Was it Ridhaan by any chance? Will Anjali’s father approve of his daughter’s wish to marry Ankur? Will Tarang be able to settle her score with Dr. Dinesh? Will they ever get their license and become professional practitioners? A panoply of questions were racing through my mind as I was enjoying this perfect summer read!

  • Let-downs:

Poor editing was a hindrance while reading this otherwise perfect book. Lots of spelling mistakes with the protagonist’s name — sometimes it was Soumya and sometimes Saumya. The punctuation marks were not in place, making it difficult to interpret the exact emotion being portrayed.

  • Appreciations:

After a long time I got my hands on a book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading! Perfectly crafted characters – each one of their presence being completely justified, beautiful descriptions of the scenarios and feelings made the book a delight to read. The best part of the book is its climax. Just when you think that you are done reading the climax comes in another twist making you realize that what you just read was only a pseudo climax and the main twist of the story is the last one! This book is the perfect movie material! Dharma Productions and others, I hope you are reading this 😛

  • Verdict:

Perfect movie material! Strongly recommended! (4.5/5)

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