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Book Review #94: Love Story? Seriously!

Author: Shivi Pandey
Pages: 168
Publisher: Petals Publishers
Cover Design: Jimmyeric Films & Media

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 2/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 3/5
Story : 3.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Value for money: 3/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Characters:
  1. Samar- The protagonist
  2. Rahul- Samar’s best friend in school
  3. Sapna- Samar’s love interest in school
  4. Samriddhi- Samar’s love interest in college
  5. Surbhi- Samar’s love interest in college
  6. Shrija- Let’s find out who she is 🙂
  • Blurb:

The sanguine sun is just preparing to slumber and the filtered glare from it striking the scene makes it even more alluring. The flock of birds are moving together in a v shaped structure and it looks as if they are returning to their home after a long tedious day’s hard work .The fact that they are all together in every aspect of life brings strength and calmness to my dilapidating heart. It is even more mesmerizing to find the three best people of my life beside me.

SAMAR: The epitome of the story, takes you on an amazing voyage of his life. He recalls his friends and all his unsuccessful love interests – Sapna, Samriddhi and Surbhi.

What happens when you fall in love? What happens when you fall out of it? What happens when you are unwanted? What happens when you are cheated and still coined a cheater? Can there be a reason to not like someone? Can there always be a reason to like someone? Explore answers to all these questions along with Samar on his journey in search of true love.

It brings you, yet another unconventional love story of all times. The author intends to bring about the fact that can this also be a love story and leaves the readers to decide enquiring them Love Story? Seriously!

  • Review:

Love Story? Seriously! by Shivi Pandey is a sneak peak into every teenager’s life. Samar, the protagonist, is a simple guy who is enrolled into a boarding school by his parents at the age of 11. He fits in somehow and finds a best friend in Rahul. He is the apple of every teacher’s eye but has to surrender his first bench seat upon his best friend Rahul’s love interest Kajal’s insistence that she wants to have the first bench for themselves only to realize later that his friendship with Rahul was not that strong. They part ways when Samar fails to succeed in his proposal to Sapna, a new joiner in their class, only because he had paid heed to Rahul’s suggestions. He loses Sapna and also his interest in studies. He is also trapped in a conspiracy of stealing exam papers which he has no relation with and is beaten up by the principal and hostel-mates alongside being tagged a cheater.

Managing to pass out from school, he sails through the next two years as well and seeks admission to an engineering college where he falls in love with Samriddhi. Hostel life is tough on him at the beginning but with the kind of person Samar is, he soon gels well with almost every other person. Samar plays a long game of hide & seek with Samriddhi before finally confessing his feelings to which she denies bluntly. Failure in love life also leads to a degradation in academic grades. Samar somehow manages to clear the exams and also changes as a person. He begins to stay aloof instead of mingling with everyone like earlier. But as a famous personality has said, “When one girl vacates the heart, only another girl can fill that space“. He soon finds himself in love with another girl Surbhi who shows off attitude and that puts him off. Having lost yet another battle in his search of love, Samar gives up.

He gets placed in Cognizant and begins a new life. 5 years down the line, his parents get him married. That was when I thought that Samar’s search for love has finally reached fruition as he would find the most perfect girl and his love in his wife. But does that happen? Does he love his wife? Or have all the failed searches resulted in loss of faith and interest in love? Each person goes through at least one failed love story in their lifetime. This is the book which captures the essence of teenage life and its impact on post-college life in the real sense. The climax of the story is very well written!

  • Let-downs:

The writing is a little less than mature. The script looked like a collection of everyday journal entries of a teenager and needed a LOT of refining; although it builds on better towards the end. The author has gone too much in details for certain incidences whereas others have just been skimmed through, creating an unhealthy imbalance in the narration. I feel that the title would have made more sense had the punctuation in the title been swapped to become Love Story! Seriously?

  • Appreciations:

The story has been narrated in a very simple manner. The innocence, sincerity and conviction with which Shivi has portrayed the emotions is very evident throughout the narration. Shivi managed to relate to every teenager of the world and not just India with the very common incidences that surely happen in everyone’s life at least once during school or college days. Kudos for that! Simple story and straight-from-the-heart emotions are the highlights of the book.

  • Verdict:

The story of every teenager (3.5/5)

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  1. Didn’t you find the interruptions in Hindi a little jarring? But then, perhaps, that is your language and didn’t seem odd. Perhaps an English translation too in the parenthesis of these sentences or remarks would have been fine. Like, for instance, nehle pe dehla, Ram Dhulai, noyal, shagun, kundli, the final phere, maine akele hi pi li and many others.


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