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Book Review #97: Half Life

Author: M.H.Rahman
Pages: 198
Publisher: Frog books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing
Cover Design: Mishta Roy

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 4/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Story : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Blurb:

Parker Williamson has a dream to win back his lost property which had been allegedly seized by his Uncle, George Williamson, a few years ago. But besides this dream, a nightmare troubles his night s slumber quite often.

In his nightmare, he sees two kids playfully drowning a ten month old baby in the swimming pool. Parker believes this nightmare to be one of his childhood memories but his father, Stanford Williamson, persistently denies.

Meanwhile, this frightening nightmare is finding evidences of reality. New enemies have emerged all of whom have their own motives to want Parker dead. On the fateful day, when Parker is on his way to the courthouse to fight his dream case against his uncle, he meets with a major road accident.

Half Life is a one of its kind story of Lies around Truth, Betrayal around Trust, Vengeance around Honor, Enemies around Family and Envy around Love.

  • Review:

Half Life by M.H.Rahman is the first ever Indian novel with a complimentary music album. It is the story of a guy named Parker and the two halves of his life. The story begins with Parker’s best friend Roselyn’s father offering him a job at his own firm. He is a barrister by profession and wants Parker to work with him as a lawyer. Parker obliges on the condition that Roselyn wouldn’t recommend his name. She also introduces him to her next door neighbor and fast friend Nyah, who falls in love with Parker at first sight. He too falls for her only to realize later that Roselyn loved him. A typical emotional drama follows at the end of which Nyah and Parker end up together. On the face of it, the book seems to be of romance genre, but the surprise is yet to be revealed 🙂

Parker has had a rough childhood, with his cousin Rayleigh and his uncle snatching away their ancestral property from them by getting the property papers signed by Parker’s father, Stanford, under the pretext that those are business papers which need his signature. Meanwhile, Parker is haunted with one single dream since childhood — a toddler drowning in a swimming pool. Stanford strongly refutes any such incidence associated with Parker’s childhood, pacifying Parker that is nothing more than a nightmare. However, in his heart of hearts, Stanford knows the truth but has no one to talk to about it, except his diary. The toddler in Parker’s dream is none other than their maid Evelyn’s son, John. Evelyn raised Parker as his own son and was his governess ever since her own son John drowned in the pool because of Parker pushing him and after the demise of Parker’s mother.

On the other hand, Parker is fighting against his own uncle and cousin to get their property back. Roselyn’s step-mother, Juliane, tries her best to trap Parker into marrying Roselyn but he doesn’t give in. Having his daughter’s proposal rejected gets Roselyn’s father, Lourve, to hurt and harm Parker in the worst possible manner. Just then it is learnt by Parker that Nyah is expecting their baby. On his way to the court on judgement day, Parker meets with a terrible accident, of course planned by his enemy cousin, Rayleigh, in co-ordination with Thomas, Evelyn’s brother, and Lourve. Upon learning of Parker’s accident, Nyah trips off the stairs and hurts herself badly.

Parker has a near meet with death but comes back to life after having visited the other side of the world. He had spent half his life fighting a nightmare and the other half, promised to be spent with Nyah, becomes meaningless after Nyah succumbs to her injuries. Juliane finds this as the perfect reason to get him married to Roselyn, but how would she convince him? Does Parker really come back to life after having visited death? How is it even possible?! Will Nyah forgive him for having broken his promise to her? What will Rayleigh and Lourve do now? Will Parker ever get to know the truth behind his nightmare? And was he really the one to push John?

Whoa! Doesn’t it feel like a lot is happening too quickly? This is the specialty of this fast-paced suspense thriller. I had my heart racing throughout because a twist here and a turn there was bound to happen on every second page. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and I am sure you will too!

  • Let-downs:

A suspense thriller comprises of strings that somehow join in the end to reveal the full picture leading to the climax. But when even one of the strings, how much ever unimportant or irrelevant to the story it may be, is left loose knowingly or unknowingly, it leaves the reader wondering what happened to that part of the story. That is exactly what happened with Half Life as well. There is this one case which Parker reopened to investigate into but what happened about it is totally unknown. Font used in the paperback copy is a bit casual; more formal font – the likes of Times New Roman – could have portrayed a serious image of the book.

  • Appreciations:

It is a misconception among people that Indian authors are good at writing contemporary romance only. Well, they have definitely not met authors like Rasleen Syal and M H Rahman yet. The reason I mentioned Rasleen is because her book Happily Murdered was one of the first thriller books which got etched in my mind. Rahman’s Half Life is on the similar lines of suspense — although the stories are totally different. Half Life has been narrated very well. Not an inch of room is given to the readers to assume anything, but lots of it to keep guessing what would happen next! Characters have been crafted to perfection. Decent vocabulary and a no-nonsense narration is the highlight of this book. The combination of mystery with paranormal thriller is a great attempt as a debutante. The narration style is such that it can easily be adapted to a movie. Ram Gopal Varma, I hope you read this! 😀

  • Verdict:

A fast paced, worth-the-time suspense thriller! (4/5)

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