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Author Interview #25: Shilpi Chaklanobis

Head of Digital Marketing division at an MNC, Shilpi Chaklanobis debuted in the literary world with her brain child “PANORAMA”. Shilpi hails from the beautiful city of Kanpur and has spent majority of her adult life in Delhi. The amalgamation of the years spent among the quiet, calm streets of a small city and the hustle bustle of a metropolitan has lent her a unique perspective towards life. She believes that the beauty of a story lies within its ability to be interpreted by the reader in the way they desire as is evident from her writing. Here is an excerpt of my exclusive conversation with her –

  • Hi Shilpi! Welcome to the literary world!

Thanks Madhuri.

  • Tell us something about your recently published book Panorama!

PANORAMA is a collection of 15 short stories that are an amalgamation of human emotions and relationships. You will find stories about everyday life that are very relative and down to earth. Sometime they talk about the unconditional love bestowed by a pet dog on his master and sometimes about truths that shatter your life. Overall the book takes you through a roller coaster journey through life where you get to experience every kind of emotion like selfless and unconditional love, horrifying truths about life, tales about brighter tomorrow and also those that dwell into the pits of the darkest hell.

Read my review of Shilpi’s book “Panorama”

  • When did you start writing?

It all started with the love of reading. Reading takes me to an entirely new world of imagination. After wandering through hundreds of new worlds, I started imagining and creating stories of my own. I very strongly believe that everyone has at least one story to tell, and when mine reached to over a dozen, I started writing.

  • What is the purpose of your writing?

Writing is my way of interacting with the world and a medium of creating something unique and special. It gives me a platform to express my views; be it in the form of stories, articles or blogs. It also feels great when someone enjoys your creation and appreciates your work.

  • What inspired you to bring forth this idea of Panorama as a book?

There are so many things happening around us which go unnoticed. I have always been fascinated by such moments of life that can be enjoyed to live the life to fullest and this is what motivated me to pen down such moments into stories.

  • There are multiple stories in the book. Are they all fiction or have they been inspired from real life?

Many of the stories are inspired by real life. I have added a bit of fiction to mold them into stories like Wok, Peanut, Destiny and The Untimely Death.

  • What is your idea of love, family and relationships on the whole?

To me family is the axis around which our lives revolve. It holds us together and gives meaning to our life and the glue that connects us with our roots and identity. Their support, their encouragement can allow an individual to move mountains. Love and relationships in general, I feel are along the same tangent as well. Because, you don’t always define family by the bonds formed by blood. You can find a sister in a friend and a soul-mate in your sister.

  • Which of your works have been published so far?

This is my debut book.

  • So how was this journey of becoming a published author?


It was a great experience. As I have self published my book, at every step the whole responsibility was on me. It is a highly tedious job to give the book its final shape and coordinating with the publisher to get the things right and meet deadlines. But at the end of the day, I enjoyed every moment of it.

  • Have you self-published your book or followed the traditional approach?

The former.

  • Which approach is better according to you and why?

Both have their pros and cons. It is up to the writers which one they opt for.

  • What should the beginners do today?

Believe in the mantra that “The key to writing a successful book is persistence”.

  • What is your take on book publishing as you see the current scenario?

I feel like when you’re a self published author, it is easier to maintain the sanctity of your book. When you go the traditional route, sometimes your book loses its essence in the midst all the edits and story changes. So, I feel like whatever route the writer chooses to go in the publishing world, they should try to make sure that the book is true to them and not just to their publishing house.

  • What are your forthcoming writings?

Currently I am working on two novels and both of them are love stories. They are not romantic novels but deal with the complexities of love and how it can change lives for better and for worse.

  • What are the four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
  1. The Plot
  2. The language — I personally like clean literature
  3. Relation with life — should be easy to relate
  4. The beginning and climax
  • What is your favorite genre and why?

I like books that are close to real life and compel the reader to think. It should stay with me long after I finish it. They may fall into any genre: classic literature, romance, philosophical and yes I love Victorian literature.

  • What / Who is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

I think there is something to take away from every encounter and every person you meet. So I believe in finding inspiration from multiple sources.

  • What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have ever faced is finding my own voice among all this commotion around us. There is so much clutter and noise in our daily lives that we often struggle to find our own identity. But, I feel like writing this book has helped me get in touch with myself and find my own voice. Find the voice I want the world around me to hear and remember.

  • If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?

The person who ordered bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I would have tried my best to stop it from happening. I think it was the greatest terrorist act against humanity.

  • And finally, any message for the readers?

Keep reading my books. It is the only motivation that keeps a writer going.

So that was Shilpi for you, author of “Panorama“.

Read my review of Shilpi’s book “Panorama”

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