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Book Review #106: My Friend’s Closed Room

Author: Edward
Pages: 60
Publisher: Self-published

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 2.5/5
Theme : 2.5/5
Story : 3/5
Characters : 3/5
Value for money: 3/5
Overall : 2.5/5

  • Characters:
  1. Vinu- The protagonist
  2. Jo & Veinji- Vinu’s friends
  • Blurb:

A tale of two friends who innocently attend school regularly. An unexpected arrival of a new comer. The two friends become thick friends with the new kid and enter into an adventure pre-destinated by a flashback of romance and hate. What mysteries lie around the corner for them? Are the three going to remain friends until the end? Read through and find out!!!

  • Review:

My Friend’s Closed Room by Edward Vcp is an unusual story of friendship. Vinu and Jo are childhood friends. Veinji joins them as a mystery, though Vinu and Jo welcome him to their gang. Vinu and Jo find out that Veinji’s condition is not very well to-do and also he has a room which is inadmissible for everyone. They always wonder what behind the closed door of that room, especially Vinu. The two of them are always up for helping him out Veinji as and when he needs them. Upon Veinji’s insistence, Vinu pretends to be Veinji for Veinji’s uncle. Little does he know then this would lead him to a whole lot of trouble later in life.

Although the story is good, the narration is very poor; the narrator keeps changing between characters in a confusing way. It is evident that the book was a draft when it was published and still needs thorough editing. The characters could have been crafted in a better manner so as to make the story appealing. Also, somewhere I felt that this story could have been exploited to the fullest had detailed narration of incidences, crafting of characters, and efficient editing been done.

Having said that, I feel that this story has a lot of potential. I would strongly recommend Edward to consider editing, re-writing, and re-publishing the book to make it reach the level of success it deserves.

  • Verdict:

A quick read recommended only for story-lovers (2.5/5)

Click here to read Edward’s interview by me.

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