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Book Review #107: Betwixt Twists And Turns

Author: Mona Mohanty
Pages: 122
Publisher: Patridge Publishers India

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 3/5
Value for money: 3.5/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

Dragonflies are said to be harbingers of rain, but they may be much more for one unsuspecting woman. A household dog finds a reprieve when Grandma comes to stay. A young man stops by an ATM at night and finds himself encountering robbers-and a young woman who may not be what she seems. In Betwixt Twists and Turns, author Mona Mohanty presents a series of short stories born from random thoughts that popped up out of nowhere, overheard bits of conversation, parables of family lore, and anecdotes from friends. These tales come from a variety of viewpoints-an older woman who receives an unexpected telegram, a businessman who encounters what might be a ghost, and various animals sharing their impressions of human life. These stories vividly capture the routine of existence-but with a surprising twist. This collection of short stories set in India features tales with unexpected outcomes from a wide range of perspectives, both human and animal.

  • Review:

Betwixt Twists And Turns by Mona Mohanty is a collection of stories on topics and emotions which not many of us ponder upon while navigating through our life’s journey. There are 25 stories in the book as mentioned below:

  1. Wandering: A narrative depicting one’s mind’s brilliance in jumping from one myriad thought to another.
  2. In the Mind’s Eye: An irony on all of us being frogs of the same well and being critical of each other.
  3. A Drive: The narration of an unforgettable journey that left an unexpected mark on the author’s soul.
  4. A Meeting: An untoward situation which actually brings joy and peace to someone after a very long time.
  5. Turning the Corner: A story depicting the importance of money in this world.
  6. Life’s a Well: An illusion leading to the death of a bride.
  7. Wind beneath my Wings: A sneak-peak into the future.
  8. Food for Thought: Hunger makes an animal of a man.
  9. Toy Stories: The near-death escape of an infant being subject to superstitious beliefs.
  10. The Sentinel: A narrative depicting how pets become one’s savior and the child they never had.
  11. Hustle in a Bustle: The story of a flat lady wishing to violate airline policies.
  12. Memories: The impact that certain events can have on one’s life and how things can change in just a flash of a second.
  13. The Dark Knight: A story of how souls reside on earth even after death.
  14. Spanner in the Works: An unhealthy workplace leading to a lost life.
  15. The Message Trial: The story of stalker psycho killer of wives.
  16. The Route: Vengeance sought by an employee of his employer.
  17. Deja vu: An uneventful night of pity leading to another uneventful night of death.
  18. The Nest: An unhappy end to a tedious journey.
  19. On the Mountain Track: The depiction of the importance of memories and how people hold on to them for a lifetime because they are the only things that they live for.
  20. The Open Closet: The hidden secrets of human beings which when revealed shatter their world.
  21. Watch and Ward: About a doppelgänger.
  22. Prayers: A story of possessiveness.
  23. The Call: A long lost secret revealed.
  24. Stop: In the face of death.
  25. Lullaby: Different faces that human beings hold.
  • Let-downs:

Few stories, especially the ones in the beginning of the book, have an open-ended conclusion which left me confused, wondering whether the chapter had really ended that abruptly.

  • Appreciations:

It is a rare art to extract interesting stories out of routine mundane activities; Mona possesses this art! Emotions of the characters have been portrayed with heart-felt feelings and deep thoughts. The narrations have been made in a classy style, withstanding the eyes of English language and grammar critics. One of the highlights of the book is its pace; compiling 25 short stories within 100-120 pages is a marvel and this clearly depicts the excellent writing quality of Mona.

  • Verdict:

A pacey interesting collection of short stories (3.5/5)

Click here to read Mona’s interview by me.

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