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Book Review #115: The Beautiful Roses

Author: Swapna Rajput
Pages: 160
Genre: Anthology
Publisher: Quills Ink Publishing

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 2/5
Blurb : 1/5
Overall : 2/5

  • Blurb:

This second edition has 1 another heart touching story, so this book is a collection of 6 wonderful love stories published with the same hope of huge liking by its readers.

  • Review:

The Beautiful Roses by Swapna Rajput is the first of its kind Hinglish book, i.e., Hindi narration in English script. It is an anthology of 6 short stories, all about love. These stories focus on how two lovers meet and unit for lifetime, the hardships they face, the predicaments they go through, and how their love outweighs everything else. The 6 stories in this book are as follows-

  1. Aashirwaad: The story of Raghav and Smita (Ragmita) who get married as per the last wish of Ram’s mother and how they gradually fall for each other.
  2. Pehla Pyar: About the first love of Raghav’s younger brother Ram and Kavita (Ravita)and their unique tale of getting married.
  3. Imtehaan: The story of Victor and Neha (Vicneha) and the tough times that test their love.
  4. Chahat: About Varun and Aditi (Varditi) who are totally opposite characters yet made for each other.
  5. Ardhangini: On the child marriage of Arvind and Nandini (Arvindini) and its implications on their teenage life and future.
  6. Kesariya: About Suraj and Divya (Sudivya) who get married although never consummate their marriage because of Divya’s dark past that Suraj is oblivious of.
  • Let-downs:

All the stories follow a very cliched narration, have almost predictable plots, and portray how everything in this world is perfect. I agree that a few novels are written for a feel-good factor but some amount of practicality needs to be imbibed in order convey the stories in the truest possible manner.

  • Appreciations:

There are 3 specific things that I loved about this book:

  1. Consistency among characters: The protagonist of the first 3 stories are related to each other either by blood or by friendship. When an author does something like this, it becomes very important to focus on the consistency of the traits of all characters else the narration falls apart; Swapna has been successful in achieving the same.
  2. Intermingling of stories: As I mentioned, the characters of first three stories are related to each other. This means that if combined, these 3 stories could together be presented as one lengthy story wherein each character has its own back-story which somehow leads to them being a part of each others’ lives.
  3. Combining the names of protagonists into one: It is a fad these days wherein parents name their children after a combination of their names; Swapna has done something similar by combining the names of all couples and giving them a name as if they are a single unit. The reason why I loved it is because I love this idea in the first place and honestly the protagonist names were too difficult even for me to come up with a common name for them. Kudos to Swapna for that!

I would also like to appreciate Swapna’s effort for pulling off the idea of Hinglish novels very well.

  • Verdict:

A tea-time read (2/5)

Click here to read Swapna’s interview by me.

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