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Book Review #116: Chameleon Lights

Author: Ayushman Jamwal
Pages: 47
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Authorspress

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 2/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

Chameleon Lights is a journey of self-discovery. The turbulent passage of love, despair, peace and revelation is played out in twenty poems. The daunting turmoil of youth and human ties; the harmony of conviction and affection; and the eerie, invisible role of destiny, dance through these pages. The poems reflect the rough and unpredictable road to one’s identity – to who we are, and what we are capable of. Savour these words and try to find yourself between the lines.

  • Review:

Chameleon Lights by Ayushman Jamwal is a collection of 20 poems depicting every color and emotion of life. To quote Ayushman himself, “Love, despair, enlightenment, and struggle, these emotions vividly dance on the pages of the book. Everyone can find a part of themselves between the lines.” The poems in the book are-

  1. An Honest Soliloquy: A person being honest with himself about who he is really is.
  2. Prayer to the God of Rebellion: A prayer seeking strength to do all the right things.
  3. Nameless: A metaphor on how people will always have different perspectives on the same thing.
  4. A Destined Tale: A soldier tryst with destiny.
  5. The Artist of the Soul: On an artist who is truly perfect with her performances.
  6. Insanity: A metaphor on the journey of life.
  7. Dark Evolution: The triumph of truth and righteousness.
  8. Pain of a Young Heart: On deceit.
  9. Modern Affection: An attraction towards a stranger which is too much to be put to reality.
  10. Love Letter: An expression of love.
  11. Light of my Life: In the face of death.
  12. God’s Dream: A dream where God is human.
  13. Party of the Magi: The journey from childhood to adulthood.
  14. The Beautiful Mind: On the endless possibilities, both positive and negative, that one’s mind holds.
  15. The Collector: The fact that soul is separate from the body.
  16. Crowd of Broken Souls: Everyone hides their sadness and brokenness behind smiles.
  17. The Unlikely Pilgrimage: Humans accept what life offers while hiding their inner turmoils.
  18. Canine Love: On pets.
  19. Prophesy of Fallen Heroes: About martyrs.
  20. Life’s Identity: Different definitions, meanings, and perspectives on life.
  • Let-downs:

I did not quite understand how the title relates to the poems in the book.

  • Appreciations:

It had been long since I got my hands on poetry book so Chameleon Lights came in as a fresh breath of air. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book more so because I got to read on almost every topic that could have been covered via literature, prose, and poetry, through just the latter. Ayushman has beautifully used relevant metaphors to impart meaning to his poems. His play of words in poems like Love Letter and Life’s Identity enticed me in a positive manner. Another good thing about Chameleon Lights is that it is a quick read; books lose their charm if stretched or extended after a certain limit.

  • Verdict:

Unique perspective on the shades of life (3.5/5)

Click here to read Ayushman’s interview by me.

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