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Book Review #118: Amazing Legends of India

Author: Swapna Rajput
Pages: 200
Genre: Anthology
Publisher: Quills Ink Publishing

  • Ratings-

Cover : 4/5
Title : 3.5/5
Blurb : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Blurb:

The book explains true stories of Indian legendary heroes from the time of Hindu mythology to 18th century.

India has always been an attraction point in the world, millions of curious people all over the world visit here and wonders how one country could always be so glorious with so many languages, cultures, traditions? It’s all because of those ancient heroes, who created it with their knowledge, passion and bravery and magnetized the world to come and see the fame of India and follow us.

These legends flashed the light on India in the map of the world, and sparkled the glee of its richness with precious gems and metals, heritage temples, structures, books filled with the oceans of knowledge, medicines, meditation, culture and last but not the least presented it’s history of more than 5000 years.

Today we see many historical movies and television series which are manipulated to gain more popularity. Amazing legends of India tells you the true stories of those ancient legendary heroes.

It’s a single place where you can know about almost all the ancient legends of India from the time of Indian mythology till 18th century with briefing of some known and unknown facts. This book is useful for all the age group ranging from 8 to 80 years and it’s created in a very simple language, so that it could be reachable to everybody’s mind.

You will find details about almost all the legends from all over India like the brave worriers, great kings and queens, holy sages and saints. philosophers and writers etc.,

The interesting part of the book is describing the facts of our customs and traditions, why we follow them? why the new religions born and which are the religions born in India? and many more. It also explains how the world is wondering on our ancient intelligent philosophers intellectual minds, who showed us the new path of living thousands of years ago.

Its a must read book for each and every Indian and individual who is curious to know about India.

  • Review:

Amazing Legends of India by Swapna Rajput is a collection of 11 chapters covering every color of Indian history and heritage. To quote Swapna himself, “Writing on history is a big job; you have to read as much as possible about something and someone. Its difficult because you should not hurt anyone’s feelings via your script, at the same time narrating the truth.” The chapters in the book are-

  1. India: Facts on how India got its name and a few of its rich philosophical books, like the Vedas.
  2. Religions born in India: About how India came to be a secular country and details on the various cultures it beholds.
  3. Hindu Mythology: On the various gods and goddesses worshiped by Hindus.
  4. Celebrated Ancient Heroes: About the ones who have made India proud, including Chanakya and Aryabhata.
  5. Remarkable Kings of India (North): Brief biography of a few kings of North India who left a mark on the world.
  6. Royal Rajputana: On the rich culture held by India, left behind by the Royal Rajputs who rules most part of India
  7. Eminent Islamic Rulers: Details on the Islamic rulers who held the reins of India for quite a long time and also on some battles of historic importance.
  8. Splendid South: About the kings who ruled in South India and the impact their dynasty had on the making of India.
  9. Marvelous Marathas: Short significant stories on a few warriors of the Maratha clan who freed India from the clutches of the Mughals.
  10. Spectacular Saints: On the ones who left behind a legacy of philosophical thinking and enlightenment in India.
  11. Interesting Facts about India: Proof about how Indians have known everything about science since eternity, and also about the various rituals that Indians follow.
  • Let-downs:

Except for a few grammatical mistakes.

  • Appreciations:

It had been long since I got my hands on a book related to history so Amazing Legends of India came in as a fresh breath of air. It takes a lot of will power, passion and enthusiasm to write about something ancient because not much has been written about our history. Not many authors pick up this genre for fear of it not selling and / or connecting with the audience because history can get not only overwhelming but also boring after a certain point. Swapna ensured that this is not the case with Amazing Legends of India by dividing all the details into chapters. She also made the narration interesting by including stories of the legends’ lives and that kept me hooked to the script.

Every time I come across a book written on classic tales from ancient times, it only rejuvenates my mind and makes me feel proud to be a part of a nation which has such a rich culture. I can only say that Swapna has done full justice to the content and the book on the whole.

  • Verdict:

A unique must-read book to learn the rich culture and heritage of India (4/5)

Click here to read Swapna’s interview by me.

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