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Book Review #122: Niharika

Author: Shuchismita C
Pages: 296
Publisher: Self-published at Smashwords
Cover Design: Studio9’s

  • Ratings-

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 2/5
Theme : 2.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Story : 3/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Review:

Niharika by Shuchismita C was formerly published under the name “Loving Sri” and is the 2nd version of the same book. It is the story of a young happy-go-lucky girl named Niharika who studied and worked in Delhi until her mother’s health began deteriorating, leading Niharika to move back to Kolkata, her hometown. With the help of fatherly figure and her late father’s best friend, Nikhil, Niharika managed to land a job at one of the MNCs.

One morning as she was late for office, she stumbled into a handsome guy in the office lobby and kept chatting with him in the lift, only to realize later that he was none other than Srijit, the Managing Director of the company. Srijit fell in love with her at first sight but couldn’t make a move as she was way younger than him. Also the fact that he was widower wasn’t playing in his favor. Niharika, however, had no idea of his history and had a huge crush on him irrespective of his age and professional stature. Eventually they ended up hanging out and got close to each other enough to reveal insecurities and secrets. But a few misunderstandings on Srijit’s part, including Niharika’s close friendship with Srijit’s younger brother, caused Srijit to ice out Niharika completely. She tried everything in her control to work things out with Srijit but finally gave up. During this time, she also learned about the relationship between her mother and Nikhil, but she was mature enough to understand and comprehend how platonic their love was. She totally supported their decisions and was happy for them.

Being unable to get together with Srijit was troubling Niharika and she decided to move back to Delhi as she could not stand to be in the same city as Srijit. Almost a year later, Niharika received a call from Srijit’s sister residing in Mumbai and learned of a grave news. She couldn’t wait back even for a second and packed her bags to fly out to Mumbai in the next available flight. What could the news have been? Was Srijit’s brother responsible for their separation? Would Srijit and Niharika ever get back together? What was it about Srijit’s past that held him back in committing to Niharika? All these questions and many more paced my mind as I read through the last few pages of the book. A few revelations intrigued me while others made me wonder as to what would happen next.

  • Let-downs:

I found the writing style to be very basic, even amateurish to some extent. There were certain typos, misplaced names (Asha was referred to as Anita in certain places and vice versa), and grammatical errors that created confusion and should ideally have been taken care of by the editors. Same goes for certain phrases and sentence structures that made the content repetitive and decreased my interest in reading. Everything combined gave the script a look of the 2nd or 3rd draft, but not the final one for sure.

  • Appreciations:

Niharika is one of the most innocent and cute love stories that have read in a long time. The emotions that one goes through at various stages of falling in love have been beautifully portrayed with the play of words. I liked the vivid descriptions of nature and the vocabulary used for the same that painted a picture and made it easy for the reader to imagine the scene. Characters have been crafted to perfection and each one of them made the right contribution to the script. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot that moved with a steady pace, giving me the time to absorb the feelings and sometimes even reminisce personal incidences. In short, the book is totally relative and the reader would enjoy Niharika and Srijit’s journey.

  • Verdict:

A cute & innocent love-story for a pleasing read (3/5)

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