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Book Review #123: From Zero to One

Author: Maneesha Agrawal
Pages: 160
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Notion Press Inc.

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3/5
Title : 2.5/5
Blurb : 2.5/5
Theme : 3/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Story : 3.5/5
Overall : 3/5

  • Blurb:

According to the popular folklore, after the great floods, a lonely and desolate Manu had tied his boat to a high Himalayan cliff at the modern day Manali (which derives its current name from Manu – namely Manu’s Sthali – the land of Manu).”
“He leads the way for a new civilization to ultimately emerge as the progenitor of a new race known after him – the Manushyas, or Manavas (meaning followers of Manu – the Hindi term by which human beings are addressed ever since)!

  • Review:

From Zero To One by Maneesha Agrawal is an enthralling amalgamation of ancient history and storytelling, the tale of how human civilization built up from scratch. A 52-nights and 53-days long rainfall had washed off the very existence of living beings. Shradhha Manu, the son of God Surya, was the only one alive. Wondering as to what his existence meant, he met the 7 holy sages — the “Saptarishis” as they are referred to in Hindu mythology — who informed him that he was no longer anyone’s son or family member but only a simple man whose only objective going forward should be to establish civilizations and build humanity across the world. A few rough days before he meets Kamayani, a magical lady whose grace and beauty had enchanted Manu the very first time he saw. Together, they set on the expedition of rooting civilizations. They continue encountering people one by one and together this large cohort takes on troughs and dungeons to fulfill their purpose. But would they be successful? How will they align what each one of them wants to achieve? A thrilling ride awaits you!

  • Let-downs:

I would have loved to see the more creative side of the story; Maneesha could have experimented with the story-line and made it an exciting read with twists and turns. Since the book lacked this, I found it a slightly monotonous read.

  • Appreciations:

From Zero To One is one of the very few books on ancient history that I have read and found interesting. There is something about the way Maneesha describes the entire plot that hooks the reader onto the words and gets them mesmerized. Although there was very little deviation from the actual history, I absolutely appreciate the fact that Maneesha explored and researched every bit of the ancient civilizations else the script wouldn’t have been half as enthralling as it is. The vocabulary and language sense used by Maneesha is music to a grammarian’s ears and for everyone with a love for literature. All in all, I enjoyed this book for its sheer poise of language and narration style!

  • Verdict:

An amazing pick for ancient history enthusiasts (3/5)

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