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Book Summary: Atomic Habit by James Clear (Introduction)

Hello, my fellow readers! It’s been a long vacation from this blog and I am glad to be back with book reviews and more.

Over my time away these past 8 months, I have had a chance to re-calibrate what writing means to me and what I want to achieve from this blog. To my rescue, my mind crafted ideas that went beyond book reviews and author interviews that I have been doing till date. The focus until now was majorly on the fiction and mythological arena of English Literature as those were the genre of books I was receiving from authors with a review and interview request. Owing to this, my mind would automatically be directed towards these specific types of books, ignoring the self-realization / self-help ones. I would find it extremely difficult to pick up a self-help book and make past the initial chapter. Thus formed an inherent idea in my mind: “Self-help books are not my kind”. All of this changed when I stumbled upon Atomic Habits by James Clear.

While going through the initial concepts detailed in the book, I realized that there are a lot more readers out there who would like to benefit from self-help books but are just not patient, persistent, or concentrated enough to be able to make it till the very end. Spare time is another reason why people abhor self-help books. It dawned on me that with my love for writing, I could make it simpler for readers who would love to learn about the self-help concepts in a shorter duration and in an effective manner. Thus took birth the idea of presenting book summaries to my readers!

No doubt, my first book had to be “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. This gem of a book talks about the fundamentals of forming good habits and breaking bad ones, detailing steps and processes one can follow to create sustainable habits — regardless of where you start or what you are trying to change. It offers a synthesis of the best ideas smart people figured out a long time ago as well as compelling scientific discoveries made recently. The strategies highlighted in this book are relevant to anyone who is looking for a step-by-step system for improvement in any aspect of life: money, health, relationships, productivity, et al.

Through the next set of articles, I’ll present to you ideas from the book in a simpler and relative manner. Given this is a first of its kind attempt from my end, I would love to hear feedback from you — my readers — who are the core beneficiaries of this initiative. Happy reading! 🙂

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