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Book Review #85: Know Thyself


Author: Gian Kumar
Pages: 337
Publisher: Leadstart Publishign

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

  • Blurb:

KNOW THYSELF- a friendly path to self discovery and spiritual connect. This e-Book is a divine text. It is written to recognize “the self.” The words used here are a magical mix of science, spiritualism, philosophy, psychology and psychosomatic. This amalgamation has resulted in one simple, and yet complicated, aspect of realizing “the self.” Man has made several discoveries, yet the discovery of his own self remains an enigma. Several saints and philosophers from times immemorial, have tried to seek and provide answers to these simple questions- Who am I? Who is God? Does God exist? Do we need Him? Gian Kumar, through his e-book ‘Know Thyself’, has made an effort to provide these answers in the most simplistic manner, so that it is comprehensible to all. Knowing yourself is indeed a very important, as well as most challenging task. When people know and understand clearly who they are, they have a better chance of achieving what they want from life. Knowing your inner self is the key to a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

  • Review:

Know Thyself – Unraveling the Mystery of Mind by Gian Kumar is the first of his 3-set book. It broadly caters to self-realization, beginning with wondering about the truth of self. We struggle to understand the basic constituents of life – its source, its continuity, and what happens after it. He commenced by questioning the audience whether what they hear, see or feel is the truth or just an illusion. If the truth resonates with the person’s own intellect, intentions and intuitions, only then can it be considered to be the truth of life. What we observe becomes our reality.

He then moved on the body, mind and the spirit of self. He professed that a full and complete life is possible when we are concerned with what and how much we eat, how we listen to and care for the body, and how we balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. The mind is  a powerful machine and asserts considerable control over the body. The body is navigated mainly by the mind, and the spirit drives the mind. The sum total of body, mind and spirit forms our personality, uniqueness and individuality. It is only when all three are in consonance that your purpose in existence shall be fulfilled.

He then went on to explain the concept of spiritualism. The basic message of spiritualism purports to the power of nothingness, asserting that everything is but a form of spirit or energy, which encompasses both God and the Devil. We are not required to search for enlightenment, nirvana or moksha in spiritualism, but to quiet the forever chattering mind with its outer, perceptual thoughts, wants and desires; countering them with spiritual ones. Rene Descartes famously pronounced “I think, therefore I am“. Spiritualism declares in reverse – “I am, therefore I think“.

He also connected spiritualism to religion and science by mentioning that it is only the synthesis of all three – science, religion, spiritualism – that can create fulfillment and totality, whereby we can experience wealth, comfort, prayer, mediation and joy as one whole. Spirituality plays a big role in changing our attitude towards death, subtly leading us towards awareness and oneness. Science and spiritualism complement the other to give us a more complete understanding of the existence of life.

  • Let-downs:

Too lengthy because of detailed descriptions and repetitive points. Adding personal experiences or stories would have created more impact and easy to relate to for the readers. That would also have enhanced the level of understanding and worked as supporting evidences for all that is stated in the book.

  • Appreciations:

A lot of doubts and commonly wondered about thoughts have been covered and explained amazingly well in this book in a very simple manner. Catering to almost age range, Gian has ensured that he covers wide range of topics and the ones that haven’t been covered will be taken care of in the next 2 parts of his book whose reviews will be up in the next 2 weeks.

  • Verdict:

A journey to self-realization (3.5/5)

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