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Author Interview #24: Sandhya Jane


Sandhya Jane has been in the limelight for her recently published flourishing book, Second Spring. She is Master’s degree holder in Information Technology from the University of Central Missouri. She has been working for over two decades in the global corporate environment. She is regular writer on the subjects of technology, management, Vedic science and other motivational topics for leading websites and an Indian newspaper. She currently resides in Hong Kong with her husband and son. Here is an excerpt of my exclusive conversation with her –

  • Tell us something about your recently published book Second Spring!

This is Avantika’s heartfelt journey through love and life…

As a smart, successful, thirty-eight-year-old, single mother Avantika  seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfillment as a mother, and so many other things besides.

She is driven towards Rohan, a man six years her junior. He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space. She has told herself she has no time for love. However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again.

Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. The readers will enjoy the twists and turns of her story, live through her ponderings over the mysteries and vagaries of the word “love,” the complexities of human relationships, and the reassessment of all the values she has held dear.

Read my review of Sandhya’s book “Second Spring”

  • When did you start writing?

1989. initially for the newspaper on social issues.

  • What is the purpose of your writing?

Social awareness(social and political write-ups), provide knowledge(professional) and entertainment(fiction). There is so much I have to share with so much diversified exposure I had. I think I can use my writing as a mediator to share it.

  • True! Writing is the best way of conveying your thoughts and messages. What inspired you to bring forth this idea of Second Spring as a book?

 People whom I meet on everyday basis. 

  • Is any part of Second Spring inspired from real life?

It is fiction. However, due to my experience as a banking professional and as a mother I could describe many situations realistically.

While working with a leading investment bank in Manhattan, a lady director brought her six-year old son to work just ahead of Christmas holidays. It was a norm to bring one’s spouse and kids to office the office on a specified day during Christmas  The child walked around her cabin with lots of curiosity, closely examined things kept on the table and had a great time jumping on the director’s chair. From the way he looked at her, it was quite evident that she was also his hero. Afterwards, the incident kept playing in my mind and impelled me to weave a story around the mysterious characters whom I didn’t know personally.

  • How interesting! Do you see a movie based on Second Spring being made?

Not sure. However, many readers told me that the story is similar to Hindi movies and an unadulterated one at that.

  • I totally agree with the readers. Unlike other novels, Second Spring is a unique concept book.

Well, although the story is unique, but the concept of younger man falling for older women is not new. Mahatma Gandhi’s wife was 4 years older to him :). I think, ‘Age’ shouldn’t be a bar in ‘love’. 

  • True! Love knows no bounds 🙂
    What is your idea of love, family and relationships on the whole?

Every relationship is based on three pillars – Respect, Trust and Understanding. Love or any relationship is no exception to this. I, personally, would love a balanced family life with husband, parents, kids around. I think society is neglecting a lot on elderly citizens and that is really sad. It is not our culture to disrespect or neglect them. 

  • Agreed. Children these days are getting insensitive by the day.
    Anyways, which of your works have been published so far?

Only research papers in leading international journals and professional articles in newspapers, online forums, blogs. I have also contributed to leading websites on social and political affairs.

  • So how was this journey of becoming a published author?


Very difficult. Even when you know your work is good, but getting the entry isn’t easy. It is not creative work, it is business. Whoever can invest, they can succeed. Marketing and only marketing matters unfortunately.

  • Have you self-published your book or followed the traditional approach?

It is combined approach. 

  • Which approach is better according to you and why?

Of course, big publisher has better options as they have established marketing, PR and launch vehicle to give your book better exposure and sale.

  • What should the beginners do today?

Just write and publish (self or traditional). Nothing matters these days as long as you can sell it and over a period of time, you will establish yourself.

  • What is your take on book publishing as you see the current scenario?

Scenario is changing. Self-publishing is no longer a stigma or considered inferior. Even Virginia Wolf did it successfully in the past. Today her work is considered as one of the top line. The share of self-publishing and small publishers is increasing. The best part is small publishers are gaining better foothold and have increased their presence at the cost of big publisher who are loosing the ground stats

  • What are your forthcoming writings?

A professional book on business analysis, management Book, a contemporary romance.

  • Whoa! Three projects are underway! 🙂
    What are the four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
  1. Unique Story
  2. Readers should be able to connect
  3. It should be logically
  4. Emotionally and intellectually stimulative
  • What is your favorite genre and why?

Contemporary Romance. I wrote for women and I can write more for them. I guess, I am good at drama.

  • What / Who is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

Can’t single out one person. Many people inspired me for different reason. Shivaji Raje for his strategy and extraordinary ability to build the empire from zero. Baba Amte inspired me with his social work and value for life, Vivekanand inspired me with his value of Hinduism veda, Netaji Bose for his patriotism. But for starters, my inspirations have been-

  • Books– I have read almost 15 hours during my school vacation. All kinds of reading has helped me directly of indirectly. 
  • Current generation – PM Modi for his indomitable spirit as only he could withstand the pressure when the whole world was against him and came out as a winner with his hardwork, strategy, sincerity. 
  • My husband – for his best man-management quality. I wish I knew half of what he does.
  • Professional mentors who recognized and fine tuned my skills.
  • My mother – for her wisdom
  • My son – how to stay happy with or without friends/company.
  • What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Pregnancy: It was a miracle. I went through a tough pregnancy in USA, and faced it all alone. The day I got the news, I lost my job as they got to know about it and didn’t want a pregnant woman becoming a hurdle in their project. I was on work-visa, I was alone, my gynecologist couldn’t allow me to travel back to India, and had prescribed bed rest for 6 weeks. I had to manage the insurance, visa, along with finding a job during the first trimester. When I got selected in the 14th week, it required me to travel 90 miles (approx 120 km) everyday. I did all of it keeping a faith in the god till the last day i.e. a day before my C-section was planned. The entire pregnancy was full of trouble as it was late pregnancy (38), I had already a bad history of series of miscarriages, and I suffered with severe gestural diabetes. The night before being admitting to the hospital, I got the news of my father-in-law’s death. My husband had to make a choice either to stay with his dying father or travel to USA to be with me as I was alone. Somehow, he reached New York airport, a day before my surgery. 

But when I saw my baby, it brought me all the happiness and made up for everything I had suffered. So, I decided to leave USA when he turned a year old. I kept a faith in god, and decided not think too much and face everything till I see the end – success or failure.

  • If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?

No one. I am happy to be myself.

  • And finally, any message for the readers?

Read and read. It is the best mediation for you and it will inspire you, make you happy, sad and angry – an outlet to your emotions to create a balanced life.

So that was Sandhya Jane for you, author of “Second Spring“.

Read my review of Sandhya’s book “Second Spring”

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